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[1] All figures from the Economist Intelligence Unit July 2010 Country Report.


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The Republic of Turkey is strategically placed between Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East, and shares borders with Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Turkey is a secular state following the path envisaged by the first President, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Turkey has a large emigrant population overseas, particularly in Europe (Germany and France). Muslims make up 98% of the Turkish population.

New Zealand and Turkey have a warm political relationship, based on the shared history of the Gallipoli campaign. The annual Gallipoli commemorations in Turkey constitute one of the largest annual off-shore gatherings of New Zealanders and Australians and attendance has grown dramatically in recent years. There have been a number of high-level visits to Turkey in recent years.


Mustafa Kemal Atatürk founded the Turkish Republic in 1923. Until his death in 1938 he worked on establishing Turkey as a Western-oriented, secular, unified state. These values have remained a core unifying element of the establishment, and are particularly revered by the military, who view their role as protecting the Turkish State from threats to these values. It was on this basis that the military took power from civilian rulers in 1960, 1971 and 1980.

The formation in July 1996 of a coalition Government by the Welfare (Refah) Party led by Prime Minister Erbakan was a watershed in Turkish politics. This was the first time since Turkey’s establishment as a modern secular state in 1923 that a party reputed to have Islamist tendencies held the office of Prime Minister. The government was forced to resign after 11 months due to pressure from the secular military. The secular nature of Turkish politics was reinforced when the Constitutional Court banned the Welfare Party in January 1998 and barred its leaders from politics for five years. A new coalition government of the left and right was formed and ruled until early elections were held in November 2002. A landslide election brought the Justice and Development Party (AKP), formed from the ashes of the Welfare Party, into power in November 2002, following the collapse of Bulent Ecevit’s coalition government.

Here is another good site for information

by just_there

There price ranges are a little on the low side, but close.
Don't let the cost stop you, just be aware if you get information about Turkey being cheap. That information is a couple years old, it was cheap. But it is still very beautiful, the people are very nice, and you should see it. You only need 3 days in Istanbul to see most of the sites. Then hop on a bus and see the rest of the country. The busses go everywhere, they have quite a good transportation system.
F.Y.I. Learn some Turkish, and bring a phrase book, they do not speak much English out of Istanbul, but you'll get by.

Why care about Afghanistan?

by esky

I don't know if it is at all worth it to respond to your ignorant words. Your attitude sucks and makes me ashamed to share the same soil with the imbecile that you appear to be.
Why do we care about Afghanistan? Because they are people just like you and me-- and they could be us. Actually, for many across the country, they are us, in a sense. The people of Afghanistan have been the first victims of the Taliban. Afghanistan is not the Taliban, to paraphrase the article linked to below. Afghanis are living in despicable coniditions under the Taliban regime, and now they are scrambling to a futile end to get out of the country before we bomb the fuck out of them

Turkey, Iran...

by lakie

At least two of these "neighbors" has military firepower that could throw Iraq further into the dark ages. No one in the region is crazy about Saddam, but wouln't risk speaking out and helping to organize the hardliners in thier own countries.
Anyone know why we've singled out Iran again?? (In the state of the union). I know that we are doing buisiness with the hardliners that we are busy critisizing there. We are getting intellegence information from Iran and they are helping to enforce the oil embargo by increasing the patrols along the shoreline to deter smugglers. The only people in a position to do those things is the Iranian military, and they are controlled by the same hardliners that Bush singled out as comitting atrocities aginst thier people

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