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Foreign universities in Turkey

Visiting Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey

Seeking for opportunity to collaborate and extend cooperation between Al Azhar Indonesia University (UAI) and Fatih University, Director of International Affairs of UAI, Dr. Hidayat Y.S, visited Fatih University on February 18th 2013. Dr. Hidayat met and discussed with the director of International Affairs of Fatih University, Mr. Erdogan Tuzen. Scope of discussion during this meeting was centered on exploring potential collaboration between the two universities.

Fatih University offers a wide range of subject courses that can be taken by students of UAI in a twinning or sandwich program.

Fatih University is the largest private university in Turkey, established in 1996 and currently offers eight subject courses in various fields of study. An interesting characteristic of Fatih University is that this university provide assistant to international students who are accepted to study at this university with a significant less amount of tuition fee. This is one thing that, on the contrary, with universities is the west, such as Canada, Europe and the US which charge foreign student about three times higher of tuition fee than the local students.


Too much ignorance

by Mahfoud

You are right about one thing, islam is a moutain that you cannot shake but you can claim and reach the top and raise your self from ignorance and darkness and hate you have in your heart. what civilisation are you talking about, the civilisation of weapon of mass destraction that the west invented, or the civilisation of colonisation and Massacre of other nations like what happened in africa and asia and america.
when the church was ruling in europe and burning alife european thinkers and scientists that they dare to say that the earth is around shape and the sun is the center of our galaxy, those scientits they found their refuge in a part of the islamic empire, which is spain now

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