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Living conditions in Turkey

We demand better living conditions for Turkey Kurdish rebel leader


We demand better living conditions for Mr. Abdullah Ocalan

To: Amnesty international & European Committee for the Prevention of Torture, CPT

The Turkish state and the government has long promised to the European Court and the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture, CPT, to change the brutal isolating conditions that has been held towards the Kurdish PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan during eleven years on the prison island of Imrali in the sea of Marmara in Turkey. This gave us hope that the isolation would be removed and that Ocalan's right to life and his human rights would be respected. According to reports from both the CPT and the European Court,

condition Ocalan lives in is a clear violation of all international laws regarding the respect of a prisoner, his human rights and human dignity are therefore not reasonable. This fact threatens both his mental and physical health. That Ocalan's physical and mental health has significantly deteriorated by his confinement on Imrali and the conditions he is held captive in, is also witnessed by his relatives and his lawyers. It has long been said by the Turkish government that the conditions Ocalan has lived in during the recent ten years should change. The actual result of this change occurred by an emergency report that Ocalan himself, his lawyers and relatives have published for the national and the international community.

The report presents that the Turkish state has set up a new prison, which Ocalan was transferred to on Tuesday 17 November 2009. According to the Turkish Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin, nine other prisoners from different prisons around the country will also move there so that Ocalan will not be the sole prisoner on the island of Imrali. But no trace of this change has until now been recognized. Ocalan is still the only prisoner in a prison which is ten times more isolating and the conditions which he lives in are much more inhumane than the previous prevailing conditions.

Although the Turkish Ministry of Justice indicate that obvious changes have been made at the newly built prison on the island in order to improve the living conditions of Ocalan, the reality is quite the opposite. In the new prison and in the new cell which Ocalan is in, much worse conditions exist compared to the previous prison he has been held in. Ocalan’s new cell is only six square meters, while the previous cell was 13 square meters. The air conditioning is much worse than before, which leads to big difficulties in absorption of oxygen. The window is also extremely worse. It is constructed upwards and no oxygenated fresh air is let through. Its design prevents Ocalan from having a view of the outside world and the daylight that comes in from the window is very hot.

In the lifestyle section of the Sacramento Bee

by ky-lo

The Real Meaning of Thanksgiving
Turkeys are so closely associated with Thanksgiving that some people simply call the holiday "turkey day." Thanksgiving-themed art features smiling cartoon birds in Pilgrim hats or plump roasted turkeys on platters.
But we never see the real lives of the birds who become our holiday meals. Virtually all of the 45 million turkeys consumed in the U.S. every Thanksgiving live lives of constant suffering.
Cruel conditions on factory farms frequently make the news, but I wanted to see for myself, so I recently visited a typical turkey farm


by zig

Most of what I read focuses on the economic conditions and current human right issues (with the Kurds and prisons etc.) and I had not seen that mentioned before.
Curious why they would have to pay the county of Armenia reparations since they massacred Armenian people living in what is today Turkey. I would think the money should be set aside for the individuals' actual ancestors.

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usha lall
What's the need of Distance Education & its various concepts with reference to U.K,Australia and India?

Is the pattern of distance education the same in above countries or different to india?

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Obtaining a Visa to move to Turkey?

I plan on going to Turkey as soon as I am 18 years old, and I am interested in staying there for a year or two with a Visa. I will be living with my boyfriend there who is a Turkish citizen. If things go well, we will be getting married and I will become a permanent resident.
In the meantime, what is the process to obtain a 1-2 year Visa like?

What do you need?
Do you have to be 18 to start the process?
How long does it take to obtain a Visa?
How much does it cost?

What is the whole process like?I want to get into Turkey as soon as possible, so I really hope obtaining a Visa doesn't…

Call your country's consulate in Turkey and ask for information.

If you are an American citizen you can check these out:
you're a minor and willing to move to Turkey for long term.. Have you thought about your higher education? What about college, are you gonna skip it? Are you gonna study in Turkey? If not, why would you skip your education and move to Turkey for your boyfriend? Don't do that to yourself.

I'm taking this is only a long distance relationship and you don't even really know each other yet. And you're already thinking about marrying him and you're not even 18 yet?


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