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Ministry of Education in Turkey

Ministry of National Education (Turkey)

DEIK/Higher Education Business
Ministry of National Education
Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı
Agency overview
Formed 1923
Agency executive

The Ministry of National Education (Turkish: ) is a government ministry of the Republic of Turkey, responsible for the supervision of public and private educational system, agreements and authorizations under a national curriculum. The ministry is headded by Nabi Avcı.


After 1910, a Higher Education Office and a Libraries Inspection Office were established. During the War of National Liberation, there were two ministries of education. The Ministry of Education of the Turkish Grand National Assembly was in Ankara, the Ministry of Education of the Ottoman Government in Istanbul. After the Turkish Grand National Assembly was opened on 23 April 1920 a "Ministry of Education" was established by Law no. 3 of 2 May 1920 as one of the eleven ministries working under the Council of Ministers. In 1920 the Ministry of Education consisted of the following five units:

  1. The Program Committee
  2. Department of Primary Education
  3. Department of Secondary Education
  4. Office of Turkish Antiquities
  5. Registry and Statistics Office

In 1923, the Ministry of Education in Istanbul was closed and the Ministry of Education in Ankara was expanded and reorganized to include eleven units. In the Republican period, organization of the Ministry of Education gradually developed and was reorganized with the Law no 2287 issued in 1933.

The Ministry of National Education; has been organized under the following names:

  • "The Ministry of Education" from 1923 to December 27, 1935,
  • "The Ministry of National Education" after October 10, 1946,
  • "The Ministry of Education" after 1950,
  • "The Ministry of National Education" after May 27, 1960,
  • "The Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports" after 1983,
  • "The Ministry of National Education" after 1989.


According to Law no. 3797 on the organization and duties of the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry today consists of three divisions called: central, provincial and overseas organization. The Ministry of National Education has provincial organizations in 81 cities and 850 towns, 58 of them being the central towns of metropolitan cities. The Ministry of National Education has representation offices in 22 countries with 21 education undersecretaries and 17 education attaches.

The office of the Ministry consists of the Training Council, main service units, counselling and inspection units and auxiliary units. Chairmanship of the Occupational and Technical Training Research and Development Center and Chairmanship of the Project Coordination Board Center are also included in the central organization.

Do any of you know who Ataturk was?

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Marie Arena, the education minister for Belgium’s French-speaking community in the Walloon region, made a request yesterday for a meeting with Turkey’s ambassador to Belgium in an apparent effort to explain the publishing of a book in which the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, is listed among the important homosexual and bisexual personalities of history.
[...] “The issue is extremely sensitive, and Belgian officials have eventually noticed their mistake,” Yusuf Seki, press officer of the Turkish Embassy in Brussels, said yesterday, noting that following the embassy's warning, the ministry had decided not to publish in the next edition of the book a list of “Famous homosexuals and bisexuals in history” in which Atatürk was included

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Is the pattern of distance education the same in above countries or different to india?

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Obtaining a Visa to move to Turkey?

I plan on going to Turkey as soon as I am 18 years old, and I am interested in staying there for a year or two with a Visa. I will be living with my boyfriend there who is a Turkish citizen. If things go well, we will be getting married and I will become a permanent resident.
In the meantime, what is the process to obtain a 1-2 year Visa like?

What do you need?
Do you have to be 18 to start the process?
How long does it take to obtain a Visa?
How much does it cost?

What is the whole process like?I want to get into Turkey as soon as possible, so I really hope obtaining a Visa doesn't…

Call your country's consulate in Turkey and ask for information.

If you are an American citizen you can check these out:
you're a minor and willing to move to Turkey for long term.. Have you thought about your higher education? What about college, are you gonna skip it? Are you gonna study in Turkey? If not, why would you skip your education and move to Turkey for your boyfriend? Don't do that to yourself.

I'm taking this is only a long distance relationship and you don't even really know each other yet. And you're already thinking about marrying him and you're not even 18 yet?


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