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An Afternoon on the Tiles

These succulent dates taste as good as they look, and the good news is they're available in a store near you (if you live in SE18 that is)As if a Watercolour Workshop and Community Market weren’t enough excitement for one weekend, the day after our appearance at St Mark’s Hall, Erik hosted a Turkish Coffee Afternoon. He decided to eschew the ‘Carry On’ theme and went instead for a more cultured and informative but nonetheless relaxed programme, accompanied throughout by suitable music and slideshow set up on the TV. The décor helped set the mood.

Turkish Delight is traditionally served with Turkish Coffee, but it would have been churlish to refuse all these as wellAfter demonstrating the correct way to brew up Turkish Coffee (it describes how fine the beans are ground rather than a particular bean) in the correct way ie twice in a particular shaped pot or ibrik, and describing how the Turks were encouraged to drink tea rather than coffee after the First World War by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, first president of Turkey, the guests were able to sample the authentic sweetmeats on offer, all sourced locally, and traditionally served with Turkish Coffee.Erik shows how to brew a proper cup of coffee - just mind you don't swallow the sludge! One of the advantages of living where we do is the easy access to a wide variety of food, and there was a full array to enjoy.

To complete the amusement there was an activity set up outside in the garden for the creation of a tile based on pictures of original Turkish tiles, either by collage or direct colouring. This allowed for easy conversation while engaging in a shared creative activity. All light-hearted fun, as these pictures show.

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Travertine tile installation

by TheTilor

your experience with tervertine installation is needed!
I have installed a room of Turkish travertine french pattern tiles in cream color. they have chisled edges. Now I am gettting ready to seal, tile and seal again.
question is can I seal the tiles first with sealer, grout and then just seal the grout or do I have to use the special release material? To me it seems like the sealer should prevent the grout from sticking to the tile as well.
looking at the sealer options, I see choices from $20 to $100 per gallon. what do you guys use and why? any recommendation on glossy or matt finishes?
thanks in advance.

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Independent travel or packaged tour for Turkey?

We're planning to visit Turkey this December. A packaged tour would be more expensive but it could save us a lot of hassle. Travelling independently would give us more freedom and I believe it's more fun too. We don't have a lot of time though - 10 days for this trip. I've always preferred travelling independently but this time we might be able to cover more attractions if we join a tour. Is it easy to get around in Turkey? Which option is better? Please advise! Thanks.

Hi I'm Turkish and I can definitely tell you that a packaged tour might be more useful considering the fact that it is quite difficult to get around, especially in the bigger cities like Istanbul and Izmir I guess it depends on when you're going. However there are always many many tourists that travel by themselves. In general the people in the hotels and even the ones on the streets are quite helpful and with a good book It will be quite easy. However like I said if you're up for it and would rather do independent travel then go for it cos there are so many people that do that plus it…

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