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Turkey Dinner Menu suggestions

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

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This is my idea of a perfect, Thanksgiving Dinner Menu for the busy host or hostess as much of the preparation can be done well in advance!

Inspired by my family tradition, this easy menu offers a European influence on a classic American celebration.

Here you will find my personal selection of dishes for a three course Traditional Thanksgiving Menu along with planning notes and timetable which will guarantee a stress free celebration for

Whichever part of the World you may be celebrating in, I would like to wish you,

Happy Holidays!

Dates for 2013
Canada: October 14th - USA: November 28th


I suggest that by planning ahead you save yourself a lot of time and possible problems (having to rush out at the last minute to pick up forgotten items or ingredients). Plan and invest your time wisely for a stress free banquet that will impress everyone.

Three or more days ahead

  • Prepare the
  • If you are using a frozen turkey, remove it from the freezer (3 days before - no more). Unwrap it, place it on a suitable tray or platter, cover completely in cling wrap and put it on the lowest shelf in the refrigerator.

Two days ahead

One day ahead:

Thanksgiving Day morning

  • About an hour before roasting, take the turkey out of the brine, rinse it under cold water and dry it with kitchen towel. Cover it and leave somewhere coolish which will allow it to come up to room temperature. Once in the oven, this allows the heat to penetrate more quickly and therefore cook through safely and more evenly.
  • Prepare the for the soup.
  • Peel all of the potatoes and put into cold water to prevent discoloration.
  • Wash and shred the leeks.
  • Crush the saffron to a powder using a pestle and mortar. Place the potatoes for roasting in a saucepan and cover with water. Season with salt and half of the saffron powder. Par-boil them for about six minutes and strain off the water. Put the lid back on the pan and shake vigorously to “fluff” up the outside. Allow to cool.
  • Whip the cream and decorate the Place in the refrigerator.

Final preparations and cooking.

Please see the individual recipes (click on the links above) for the final preparations and cooking of individual dishes. You may find it helpful to print off all of the recipes and keep them close to hand.

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Turkey Chili Dinners

by motiongraphicsdc

Hi, I make my dinners for the whole week on Saturdays and then refrigerate each dinner for reheating every night.
I am changing my "Menu" and need some suggestions.
What should I eat with:
Turkey Chili
Small Salad.
*Note- I am very active and commute long distances on my bike to and from work everyday, so I need more calories than most people.

Supporting someone...?

by Snow_Like_Diamonds

Hubs and I are planning on having a baby later this year, so my weight has really been a priority for me. I have a friend who is trying to lose some weight as well, and he came to me and proposed a friendly little competition to help keep him motivated. So I suggested maybe we swap daily menus every day for ideas, and for constructive feedback.
The menus he's been sending are crap like:
Breakfast: Honey nut cheerios with milk
Lunch: Turkey sandwich, milk, bag of Lays chips, apple
Dinner: Pulled pork on a roll, chips, small iceburg salad, milk
Dessert: 6 nutter butter cookies, milk
Exercise: Walking the dog, 20 minutes
::sigh:: He never asked for my critique, or my advice

Meal Ideas in Mind

by Cheap_Ass_Chick

All the other suggestions are great. When I shop for the week, I have my menu sort of planned out, so I know what exactly I need and don't waste things or buy certain items that I don't have a need for.
Also, I try to think of multiple uses for certain produce/meat. Example - ground turkey - use for turkey burgers, meatballs, saute with diced carrots/potato/peas/peppers, so I know now I need to make sure I have some buns for the biggers, pasta and tomatoes for sauce, maybe some italian bread to make garlic bread, and rice to eat with the turkey/veggies. That is a meal for atleast dinners!
The other time-saver tip I have is to cook multiple items at once, esp when you have tim in the weekends, or have most of what you need prepared

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