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Turkey Facts the country

The word for "turkey" is translated oddly in various languages

The word "turkey" is a funny one. Not only does it mean a type of bird,but it is also a country. And in that country,the word translates oddly. In Turkey,the word for the bird "turkey" is "hindi." This also means "India."

In India,the word for turkey is "peru." Another country! The word for turkey is also "peru" in Portuguese. These different translations come from confusion about the origin of the bird. Most countries believed that the turkey came from India,but this is not true.

The word for turkey in Chinese is the same as "fire chicken." And in Japanese it means "seven-faced bird." In Macedonia,Turkey is named for the Turkish word for "Egypt." While the three romance languages,Spanish,Italian,and French all have completely different words for it—tavo,tacchino,and dinde.

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Okay, well, let's review the facts

by --

This analysis falls under the category of "Who's side are you on?"
- Do Iran's own people hate their regime?
YES. Not all, but many do.
- What about -- Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc.?
These other countries do not like nor trust Iran's government.
- Who else generally does not like nor trust Iran?
- the U.S.
- most all of the West
- Turkey
- Iraq
- Israel
- Then who is on Iran's side?
1) Hugo Chavez (he 'caught a CIA cold' though

You missed the point. History is recorded facts

by taotomato

From events. Whether histroy is accurate is dubious at times but there's no historian who can tell us what the mood was in Rome after Julius was offed. Some will say the city rejoiced and some will say the city was sombre.
In Turkey today with the demonstrating and rioting, the news media is making it out to be the whole country is up in arms against Erdogan. The same spectacle happened in Moscow where the western media thought Putin was facing a "Russian Spring". These are all educated people reporting but why do they embellish the news?
So is it possible that most of history is nothing more than embellishment where the victor writes the historical account?
You have to think yourself down Sunny and go deeper into thought but its hard to do when you err in your thinking by "thinking" you know and so that's the end of your discussion

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