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Kuzu Turkish Cuisine

Kuzu Etli Nohut Yemeği (Lamb Stew With

We add a bay leaf, a pinch of kekik, a pinch of sweet paprika and, of course, chilli flakes.
  • Once the stew has come to the boil, cover and simmer for around 45 minutes until the lamb has gone soft and tender.
  • Leave your kuzu etli nohut yemeği to stand

    After 40 minutes or so, add a large tin of drained chickpeas and a dessert spoonful of salça (tomato puree). Stir them in and leave to simmer for a further 5 minutes before removing from the heat and leaving to stand for a further few minutes.

    Kuzu Etli Nohut Yemeği
    Either serve your kuzu etli nohut as it is (that's what we did) or give yourself a smaller helping and serve with Turkish rice on the side. Either way, kuzu etli nohut yemeği will make yourself feel all warm and cosy inside. The following day, we were left with lots of chickpeas in the stew and no lamb. That was the day we served it with rice. Chickpeas and rice served in this way is a very common dish in Turkey - we got two different meals from one pan.
    • We made this dish on a whim and so used tinned chickpeas. Traditionally, dried chickpeas are used. If you are using dried chickpeas, soak them overnight in water and then boil for around 45 minutes (until almost soft) the day after.
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