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Great food at Leziz Turkish Cuisine in Philadelphia

1-IMG_0692One thing I love about Philadelphia’s dining scene is the wide range of restaurants you can find. On any given night you can choose from anything from Vietnamese, Korean to Turkish. With Turkey on our mind (given our talk of travels to Turkey) we found the best rated Turkish BYOB restaurant in Philadelphia and headed over. It was a Wednesday night and the restaurant was quiet.2-IMG_0694 We were one of only two patrons there but this didn’t take away from the environment. Turkish music played in the background while a large framed photo of Ataturk greeted diners.

Dinner consisted of a combination kabob platter, Turkish pizza and several bowls of thick yogurt. I once had the Turkish pizza in a restaurant in New York and quickly fell in love.3-IMG_0695 It has very distinct flavors and is unlike any other pizza making it uniquely Turkish. The doughy bread is slathered with generous amounts of flavorful spiced meat and tomatoes topped with garden herbs. The dish is served in three. The combination kabob platter was just the right choice for us as it gave us a variety of each kabob: chicken, iskandar, and lamb on top of their house red rice with a side of necessary yogurt dip. Overall, the food was not only delicious but cost less than $30. On the weekends I’m also told that they have live belly dancing entertainment and hookah.

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Authentic Turkish cuisine and culture. We dressed up, drank too much home-made apple cider, and indulged in what the Turkish equivalent to a quesadilla. A group of three, we spent less than $5 USD for a very special meal.

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What are some of the dishes authentic only to Turkish cuisine?

Dishes that no neighbor of Turkey claims as theirs?

I have never heard of anybody making Perde Pilaf, except the Turks.

Who has a better cuisine Israel or Lebanon?

Thats Lebanese cuisine..

Why not put videos on BOTH cuisines?

Can't choose, both are delicious. Considering half of Israelis are from near Middle Eastern background (Lebanese, Egyptians, Iranians, Iraquis, Morrocans, Yemenis...) it comes as no shock its cuisine is very influenced by this. And then you have the traditional Ashkenazi contribution and the Ethiopian contribution, it's fantastic.

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