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Turkish Cuisine New York NY

New York via Turkish Airlines

A couple of months back I got an email from Turkish Airlines asking me if I could try out their service and write about them. At first I figured they wanted me to fly to Turkey Economy Class but then I found out they actually wanted me to try their Business Class and gave me 6 very cool destinations to choose from:

New york
Los Angeles
Washington DC
São Paulo

I didn’t know much about Turkish Airlines back then other than their TV commercial featuring the football players so I was a bit surprised they actually flew as far as LA or São Paulo. It was pretty hard choosing a destination but in the end it was between LA and NY and since I was already planning a big trip to LA next year I decided to go with New York instead.

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by dayzella

I looked on LTH forum forum for you - they say that Demir owns Cousins now and has taken over what used to be Red Corner at the intersection of Lincoln and Addison and renamed it Demir Fast Food.
He used to work for A La Turka, so maybe you'd enjoy their food?
A La Turka
3134 N. Lincoln, Chicago
Tel: (773) 935-6447
Personally, I like Turkish Cuisine in Andersonville.
Turkish Cuisine
5605 N. Clark St.


by dayzella

Andersonville has lots of Middle Eastern food - Taste of Lebananon (a quick snack house) is across the street, Andie's and Reza's are up farther on Clark, Turkish Cuisine and Bakery is across the street from the Jewel near Catalpa.
Middle Eastern Bakery and Grocery will have many of the products you are looking for.
Middle East Bakery and Grocery
1512 W Foster
You could also try Pars Persian Store a little bit farther up the street near Berwyn and Clark. They don't have as many groceries - more spices and teas - but they have a huge amount of stuff in general.
What are you going to make?

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