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Turkish Cuisine recipes

Let’s have a go at Turkish Cuisine; Sultan’s Delight, Zucchini Fritters, Kunefe (Kadayifi); Easier than You Think!

Well, I have a new Turkish cookery class coming up on Saturday, 20th October, and I wanted to share what we will be up to. The classes are friendly, informal with step by step demonstration of the recipes, and packed with useful information on where to source ingredients, substitution ( when needed) and on Turkish cuisine and culture. If you are in the area and would like to join us, please contact me. If not, I hope the recipes may still inspire you to have a go to treat yourself, family and friends; they are delicious and easier than you think! Here is our menu for the class:

Kunefe – Kadayifi

This dessert is one of the signature dishes of my hometown, Antakya (please click here for more delicious recipes and photos from Antakya). I can still remember getting the freshly baked Tel Kadayif (pastry strands) from the local bakery, watching the delicate strands forming from the huge sieve. And I can still visualize my grandmother cooking Kunefe in her stone oven in her garden, and, we, her grandchildren excitedly waiting for any leftovers of the butter soaked pastry strands….glorious days .

Tel kadayif is a dough, pushed through a sieve to form delicate strands, which looks like vermicelli and when soaked in butter and baked, resembles golden shredded wheat. It is the basis for many desserts but this is the most impressive. The hot cheese should ooze out giving an interesting contrast to the syrup soaked, crunchy casing. Any unsalted cheese which melts easily can be used – mozzarella works well too. It can be baked in one big pan or smaller ones as individual portions.

Kunefe recipe will be in the blog shortly.

Have you ever made any of these dishes? Could I tempt you to have a go?:) I would be more than happy to help you along the way and answer your questions, just let me know. I bet yours will be more delicious than mine:)

Happy Cooking, Afiyet Olsun!


About Ozlem Warren

Merhaba, this is Ozlem. I am a native of Turkey, and passionate about my homeland and the healthy, delicious, Turkish Cuisine. I hope you enjoy my recipes here and I look forward to hearing from you – Afiyet Olsun!


by dayzella

I looked on LTH forum forum for you - they say that Demir owns Cousins now and has taken over what used to be Red Corner at the intersection of Lincoln and Addison and renamed it Demir Fast Food.
He used to work for A La Turka, so maybe you'd enjoy their food?
A La Turka
3134 N. Lincoln, Chicago
Tel: (773) 935-6447
Personally, I like Turkish Cuisine in Andersonville.
Turkish Cuisine
5605 N. Clark St.


by dayzella

Andersonville has lots of Middle Eastern food - Taste of Lebananon (a quick snack house) is across the street, Andie's and Reza's are up farther on Clark, Turkish Cuisine and Bakery is across the street from the Jewel near Catalpa.
Middle Eastern Bakery and Grocery will have many of the products you are looking for.
Middle East Bakery and Grocery
1512 W Foster
You could also try Pars Persian Store a little bit farther up the street near Berwyn and Clark. They don't have as many groceries - more spices and teas - but they have a huge amount of stuff in general.
What are you going to make?

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What are some Roman/ German/ Turkish recipes/ foods?

Preferably somewhere around 500 AD/CE- 1650 AD/CE, but modern day is fine too. Thanks!

For modern Turkish recipes, this is the best source:
then this one:
ancient ones:
(Here you'll find one of the most ancient and traditional Turkish desert called "Aşure", read like ush-u-re.)
(other old recipes like chicken with walnut sauce, stuffed green peppers, slashed eggplant/karnıyarık and chicken breast pudding)
these are the ancient Turkish soup recipes:
a good book about Turkish cuisine in historical perspective: roman foods, there is a good book about it called "Roman Cookery: Ancient Recipes for Modern Kitchens" by Mark Grant.

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