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Turkish Cuisine Restaurant New York

Tantalizing Turkish Cuisine in Brooklyn, New York

That is easy, NYC offers a

If you're in the mood for the most decadent Turkish Cuisine New York has to offer, look no further than Brooklyn-based 1001 Nights. Old world architecture hides plush, opulent interiors which provide the subtle, seductive backdrop to a consistently memorable dining experience.

Prepare yourself for rich, complex dishes that are as extensive and far reaching as the Ottoman Empire itself. Chefs expertly prepare this unique cuisine that blends elements of Middle Eastern, Central Asian, European, Uzbek and Balkan cooking. 1001 Nights offers everything you'd expect from a top Mediterranean restaurant NYC: creamy hummus, savory babaganush, warm flat breads and spicy feta spread. Then it does so much more.

Go with a fun-loving, attractive and adventurous group and sample the tastiest Turkish cuisine New Yorkhas to offer. Tease your palate with puffy, golden tandoor Samsa, delicately crisp wrapped brynza "Cigars", and Kutabi with meat or greens-all typical wedding or holiday banquet table offerings. Pair these with some cool plates like fresh herbed lox, Morkovcha (Korean carrot salad with Oriental spices), Kazy (Uzbek jerked meat, spiced to perfection), or the Suzma (fresh, creamy cheese) with greens. For a Main Course, try a sampling of delicately grilled shish kebabs in 17 unique combinations including lamb, beef, veal, salmon, sea bass and quail. There are even some nice choices including fish, juicy steaks and shrimp-topped Cesar salads for the faint of heart. Linger over the exquisite flavors while enjoying the beauty and fine company that surround you.

After dinner, share a scented hookah with your guests in the spacious, intimate booths and get ready to be captivated by the highlight of the evening-the talented, tantalizing belly dance performers that make 1001 Nights not only the best Turkish restaurant in Brooklyn, but hands down the most exciting Mediterranean Restaurant NYC has hosted.

and plan ahead for an unforgettable evening at the top Turkish Restaurant in Brooklyn. While there, don't forget to make reservations for your next event, special night out, or any time you crave exciting and unique flavors worthy of a sultan, at a servant's wage.

Well she is going to live in

by veggieluver

New South Wales but her fiance works near city hall - wherever that is? Have no idea of the size of the city but New York City is big compared to other cities I have been to and we have traveled 1 hour plus by train to go out so....
My friend and I have eaten all kinds of cuisine. Rather than stick to one type of cuisine she likes to try things out. So we have gone for higher end places serving american style food, french, fondue, dessert bars, etc. and we have gone for ethnic such as Nepali, turkish, Ethiopian, etc. We have gone to fancier restaurants and cheaper restaurants with bills between the two of us ranging from $20 - $120

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TRAVEL > Alaçatı reaping the wind to its advantage  — Hurriyet Daily News
Together with the increasing number of hotels in Alaçatı, the number of restaurants has increased. From traditional Turkish cuisine to culinary treats from all over the world, it is all there.

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What are some Roman/ German/ Turkish recipes/ foods?

Preferably somewhere around 500 AD/CE- 1650 AD/CE, but modern day is fine too. Thanks!

For modern Turkish recipes, this is the best source:
then this one:
ancient ones:
(Here you'll find one of the most ancient and traditional Turkish desert called "Aşure", read like ush-u-re.)
(other old recipes like chicken with walnut sauce, stuffed green peppers, slashed eggplant/karnıyarık and chicken breast pudding)
these are the ancient Turkish soup recipes:
a good book about Turkish cuisine in historical perspective: roman foods, there is a good book about it called "Roman Cookery: Ancient Recipes for Modern Kitchens" by Mark Grant.

turk alert
Turkish cuisine?

I loved Turkish cuisine so much!Spicy food are so delicious!Could you give me some recipes?Links would be great.

Turkey has no cuisine. Only living room...

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