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Turkish Cuisine Suntec

Turkish Cuisine – Suntec City Tower 1, Singapore

IMAG0100If you like something for a change, not like just the same cliche food like Hokkien Mee or Char Kway Teow, or even Carrot Cake, you should try this outlet at the highest floor at Suntec’s Tower 1.
First up this is a seaweed grape leaves wrapped sushi with Tomato and a little white cream sauce around it, wrapped inside is a little meat and rice. It’s pretty nice actually.
This is Beef steak, its not too interesting to look at, but while tasting it, it is really good, it has a really good sauce. Like literally, the sauce is not from your local supermarket?
Chicken Drumstick Stew with Vegetables and the lovely sauce with Rice underneave
The desert is really nice as well.
It’s really nice and it taste sweet! I mean, you have to try it. I couldn’t comment much on it but it is really good, as it just taste sweet and savory.

Go and try it out someday, it should be beside a Japanese buffet restaurant and another French Cuisine shop or something.

IMAG0097 IMAG0102 IMAG0104 IMAG0107

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by veggieluver

New South Wales but her fiance works near city hall - wherever that is? Have no idea of the size of the city but New York City is big compared to other cities I have been to and we have traveled 1 hour plus by train to go out so....
My friend and I have eaten all kinds of cuisine. Rather than stick to one type of cuisine she likes to try things out. So we have gone for higher end places serving american style food, french, fondue, dessert bars, etc. and we have gone for ethnic such as Nepali, turkish, Ethiopian, etc. We have gone to fancier restaurants and cheaper restaurants with bills between the two of us ranging from $20 - $120

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TRAVEL > Alaçatı reaping the wind to its advantage  — Hurriyet Daily News
Together with the increasing number of hotels in Alaçatı, the number of restaurants has increased. From traditional Turkish cuisine to culinary treats from all over the world, it is all there.

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amey g
Is there any university in singapore where i can study bakery courses?

There are several good cooking and baking schools in Singapor. They are:

Coriander Leaf is a cooking school that provide classes on various Asian cuisine:
burmese, indian, interpretations, lebanese, mediterranean, pakistani, persian, singaporean, thai, turkish
and vietnamese.

There is also: at-sunrice is a culinary centre that is dedicated to promoting pan-Asian cuisine, culinary skills and craftware. Learn from experts and enjoy pan-Asian cuisine.

One other cooking school is Creative Culinaire offers lessons on Cake and Pastry baking, Tim Sum making, Bread Making, Cooking…

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