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Turkish Cuisine Toronto

'Bridging the continents' at the Toronto Turkish Festival (video) Special

UntitledThe nation of Turkey has one of the richest histories in the entire world, both politically and religiously. The Trojan Wars took place in the western region of the country. St. Peter’s Church, the first church built by man, is located in Turkey. St. Nicholas – now known as Santa Claus – was born in Turkey. The very first university is in Harran, Turkey. Toronto’s population of Turkish Canadians is approximately 15, 000.Performer at the Toronto Turkish Festival. On Saturday, thousands of people visited the Toronto Turkish Festival in the downtown core where attendees had the opportunity to taste the food of Turkey, listen to Turkish music, enjoy the culture of the country and experience the different dances of Turkey.


Performer at the Toronto Turkish Festival.image:73525:2::0

Performer at the Toronto Turkish Festival.



Dancers at the Toronto Turkish Festival.


Dance performer at the Toronto Turkish Festival.



The two-day, 12-hour event is in its fourth year and is sponsored by the Toronto Star, Turkish Airlines, the city of Toronto, Media 55 Enterprises, Canadaturk and many more. “This festival is the 4th Turkish festival in Toronto’s history contributing Toronto’s multiculturalism, ” states the festival’s website in a press release. “Our first Turkish festival was organized and held by Canadian Turkish Friendship Community on August 5, 2006 with the participation of 40, 000 people, and 80, 000 people attended in 2007 and 2008. Now we are expecting an attendance of over 100, 000 people this year at the event from all over the GTA.” Mayor David Miller urged Turkish community organizers to extend and expand the Turkish Festival after its success in 2006, which was part of the city’s Live with Culture initiative. Since then, people from different cultures, communities, provinces and nations have visited the festival.
Dancers at the Toronto Turkish Festival. Dance performer at the Toronto Turkish Festival. Untitled Turkish lady cooking.

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My friend and I have eaten all kinds of cuisine. Rather than stick to one type of cuisine she likes to try things out. So we have gone for higher end places serving american style food, french, fondue, dessert bars, etc. and we have gone for ethnic such as Nepali, turkish, Ethiopian, etc. We have gone to fancier restaurants and cheaper restaurants with bills between the two of us ranging from $20 - $120

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Together with the increasing number of hotels in Alaçatı, the number of restaurants has increased. From traditional Turkish cuisine to culinary treats from all over the world, it is all there.

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Turkish, Turkey...Help needed?

I am looking the best Turkish hammaam in Toronto, also the best Turkish Halal Restaurant in Toronto..Thnx

You might try Anatolia Traditional Turkish Cuisine
Turkish Restaurant 5112 Dundas St. W.
Etobicoke, ON
M9A 1C2

What is the best Turkish festival in Canada?

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There are many Turkish festivals in Canada. Best is an subjective term, but the biggest and most crowded one is the Toronto Turkish Festival, its new name is Anatolian Festival.

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