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Turkish Cultural Center

Governor Maggie Hassan visits Turkish Cultural Center Headquarters

Governor Maggie Hassan visits Turkish Cultural CenterOn December 6th, Governor Maggie Hassan visited Turkish Cultural Center Headquarters in Manhattan. Governor Hassan met the leaders of the Turkic American Community.

Governor Hassan was introduced Council of Turkic American Associations, its mission and vision as a nonprofit organization with its 45 members throughout the north east region.

Mr. Furkan Kosar, President of CTAA, gave a briefing and informed Governor Hassan, of the recently held and upcoming events of the Turkish Cultural Center. After the briefing session the Governor Hassan toured the cultural center and the offices.

At the conclusion of the visit, Hassan received a piece of art as a gift that had Ottoman monograms painted onto it.

Governor Maggie Hassan Governor Maggie Hassan Governor Maggie Hassan Governor Maggie Hassan
The framing of 11 September in the Turkish media: moder(n)ating Turkey's oriental identity.(Part II. Realities: policy and practice): An article from: Arab Studies Quarterly (ASQ)
Book (Association of Arab-American University Graduates and Institute of Arab Studies)

Grande Mosque

by calx-

Unfortunately, I've never been there, or the restaurant next to it. It's not my side of town (I'm out west). There was a great North African place called Rose des Sables in the westside which had enchanting, tasteful decor and very good food. Unfortunately it closed down. I have a friend who lives in the 18th and knows all the best places, but don't remember the name of the place I went to last time for a scruptious couscous feast.
The lebanese places on the other hand are mostly on the west side, and I can vouch for a couple of places there.
One really cool middle eastern place in Paris is the cafe on top of the IMA (Institut du Monde Arabe) cultural center, at the eastern edge of the quartier latin

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Ottoman manuscripts on show in Croatia. A Turkish cultural institute is holding exhibition of over two thousand manuscripts from the Ottoman Empire. Italian gov't unable to find buyer for castle.


Please help meeee! Advice on Turkish culture?

I joined a international friendship site some time ago. I met lots of Turkish people. They were usually in their teens to early twenties. I am getting really interested in them, because they seem so cultural and at the same time be so much modern. I start talking to them, and especially guys they say. How are u doing? and Im like nothing much im just really bored. U know how this is a general saying. that nothing much just bored. But they get really offended by it :S this conversation.

Hakan says:
how r u Chealsea?
Chealsea says:
Hey there, I'm pretty good just bored and you?

At the risk of me being boring as well, I would say this has little to do with the fact that he is Turkish and more to do with the exchange.... or lack of.

Granted, it is a limited text, but read it for yourself and change the names around between the two of you. What would you do if you asked someone how they were doing and they said bored. So then you tried to initiate a conversation, asked them why and got a non answer back and then no conversation for 10mins.

The poor guy tried to talk to you, and you brushed him off and essentially told him he was boring! It has nothing to…

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