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Turkish Cultural Center Queens

Turkish Cultural Center - Sunnyside

turkish cultural center

Foreign Films / Turkish Film - Separation

Continued / Sunnyside / December 3, 2010 / Queens Buzz. The film’s title, Separation, has many meanings that are revealed as the story unfolds. There’s the separation between the young scribe and the ambassador following the ambassador’s death. Dede describes this separation as no different than the separation one experiences from the sun at the end of the day. Then there’s the separation that describes the void between the good doctor and the young maiden. They both quietly long for one another. And yet, due to the their positions and the customs of the time, they are unable to speak about their feelings to one another. Dede tells us that, “Unspoken love is the most illuminating.” The photo to your right was taken from the Turkish movie Separation.

foreign films in queensEventually, war breaks out and the good doctor is sent to Egypt. The fair maiden is given her freedom by the empress and we are left guessing whether the two lovers ever meet again. Poetic verses, filled with meaning, are woven into the scenes of the movie. Philosophy, the arts, history and diplomacy were also incorporated into the story, leaving one with much to think about after the movie ended.

The film had the rhythm, exquisite look and the nuanced feel of a 1930’s or 1940’s American movie. The costumes were excellent, the writing superb, the cinematography illuminating and the acting a worthy complement to the entire production. So as not to set the wrong expectation, this is just one example of their monthly constantinople turkey They also feature action / thrillers which are likely more similar to James Bond than one written by Jane Austen. The photo above shows the empress's court.

Turkish History - Byzantine & Ottoman Empires

The Turks ruled the Eastern branch of the Roman Empire starting around 400 AD. At the time the eastern branch of the Roman Empire was called Byzantium or the Byzantine Empire. Between 1200 and 1300 it became the Ottoman Empire, which gasped its last breath during World War I. During that time Constantinople, which is modern day Istanbul, and the surrounding area [Turkey] was an influential seat of culture and learning.oguztan turan president of the queens office of the turkish cultural center in sunnyside Hence it’s likely one can learn a great deal from studying Turkish culture. The photo to your left shows modern day Istanbul, crossroads between Europe and the Middle East.

Turkish Cultural Center - Sunnyside & Queens NY

Following the film I had an opportunity to converse with Oguztan Turan who is the president of the Turkish Cultural Center in Queens. He informed me that the purpose of the center is to explore Turkish culture within the framework of being an American citizen.

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The framing of 11 September in the Turkish media: moder(n)ating Turkey's oriental identity.(Part II. Realities: policy and practice): An article from: Arab Studies Quarterly (ASQ)
Book (Association of Arab-American University Graduates and Institute of Arab Studies)

Grande Mosque

by calx-

Unfortunately, I've never been there, or the restaurant next to it. It's not my side of town (I'm out west). There was a great North African place called Rose des Sables in the westside which had enchanting, tasteful decor and very good food. Unfortunately it closed down. I have a friend who lives in the 18th and knows all the best places, but don't remember the name of the place I went to last time for a scruptious couscous feast.
The lebanese places on the other hand are mostly on the west side, and I can vouch for a couple of places there.
One really cool middle eastern place in Paris is the cafe on top of the IMA (Institut du Monde Arabe) cultural center, at the eastern edge of the quartier latin

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Queens Library At Arverne  — Western Queens Gazette
.. 10, Queens Library President and CEO Thomas W. Galante, state Senator James Sanders Jr., Assemblymember Michele Titus, Angelica Katz representing Assemblymember Phillip Goldfeder and Oguzhan Turan of the Turkish Cultural Center Queens.


What are the four best (historical and leisure) attractions in Istanbul, Turkey?

I need four places, and it has to be greatly historical and monumental. But cultural destinations are also good.

Hagia Sophia

Ayasofya Museum, was the greatest Christian cathedral of the Middle Ages,[1][2] later converted into an imperial mosque in 1453 by the Ottoman Empire,[3] and into a museum in 1935. It is located in Istanbul, Turkey, on the Turkish Thrace. It is regularly considered one of the greatest and most beautiful buildings in history. Biggest church in the world

Blue Mosque

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Turkish: Sultanahmet Camii) is a mosque in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey and the capital of the Ottoman Empire (from 1453 to 1923). The mosque is one of several mosques…

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