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21 07 2013

⦁ Visit Ephesus
⦁ Basilica of St.John
⦁ Lunch
⦁ Visit to Sirince Village
⦁ Return to Hotel and free time
⦁ Dinner & Overnight at Hotel

20 07 2013

⦁ Departure from Hotel
⦁ Bursa Ulucami
⦁ Lunch
⦁ Isa Bey Mosque, Selcuk
⦁ Dinner at Hotel

19 07 2013

⦁ Departure for Bursa
⦁ Lunch
⦁ Bursa Koza Han
⦁ ”Karagoz” Turkish Shadow Theater performance
⦁ Dinner at Hotel

I could hardly catch my breath when we walked up the stairs to the ancient site of Troy. I have been wanting to go there ever since I first heard the stories of the Iliad and the Odyssey when I was in elementary school. To finally be in that place was a gift! (Thank you, TCF!!!) As our guide was enlightening us about the history of the site, running through my head were the first lines of Homer’s epic poem – “Menine aeide, thea, Peleiadeo Achilleos oulomenen he muri’ Achaiois alge’ etheke….” (Sing, goddess, of the wrath of Peleus’ son Achilles and its devastation which brought great pain to the Achaians….). It was almost surreal to be there. We walked down into the archaeological site and I ran my hands along the walls which are thousands of years old, thinking about the warriors and citizens who lived in the city through the millennia, dreaming about the deities and heroes of legend, and of Helen, “the face that launched a thousand ships….” Standing on the hilltop, I could see the Aegean sea, and the wind that blew through my hair was the same wind, in a way, that blew through hers. Mind boggling. I have crossed something off my bucket list, but I hope that I will be able to return to Troy and to the beautiful country of Turkey someday.

- Lisa (Burlington, VT)

No matter if you say bonjour, bueno tardes, or merhaba in Bursa, Turkey, people smile and say hello back. With out a shadow of doubt this cıty was the first Ottomn capital and rıghtly so. Before I go and experience my fırst Turkish bath, the need to finish this entry is a must. The ancient Greeks judged any civilization by the ability to cultivate olive trees. It takes 5-6 years for an olive tree to mature and the cultivation is laborous.

After the Spartans invaded they planted olive trees. The tradition has been handed down from generation to generation. Greeks left and others came. The Asian Turks came and gave up their nomadic ways. They built homes and farmed. They learned the how to grow olive trees. Today in Turkey there are millions of olive trees. It leads the world in production of olive oil, soap, hand cream and other olive based products. As the bus drove past the olive tree groves I imagined them being harvested in December as workers place tarps beneath the trees to catch the olives when the tree is shook. Each breakfast in Turkey includes olives and they are the best.

Turkey’s ability to cultivate this difficult crop is evidence of its greatness as a modern civilization.

Turk Dunyasi Kultur Atlasi : A Cultural Atlas of the Turkish World (Vol. 1; Selcuklu Donemi/ The Seljuk Period)
Book (Turk Kulturune Hizmet Vakfi Puplications)

190 Orthodox churches ruined in Kosovo since '99

by paleoagrarian2005

Thanks Clinton!
MOSCOW. Feb 27 (Interfax) - The destruction of cultural and Orthodox monuments is continuing in Kosovo amid unsuccessful attempts to settle the Kosovo problem, said Alexander Melnik, president of the St.Andrew the First Called Foundation and National Glory Center. "About 200 Orthodox churches, mostly 10th-13th century architectural monuments, which survived the 500 years-long Turkish yoke, have been destroyed in Kosovo since the KFOR international peacekeeping force and police units arrived in Kosovo in 1999," Melnik, leader of a Russian delegation to a humanitarian mission in Kosovo and Metohia, told Interfax

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Turkish Cultural Service Foundation A Cultural Atlas Of The Turkish World (The Ottoman Period; Part 3, Vol 1)
Book (Turkish Cultural Service Foundation)
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