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Turkish culture and business Communications

Turkic Cultural Exchange and Community

SONY DSCBy Niagara Intern Staff: Polina Zasheva, Emma Hornor and Eleanor Peck

Nearly seventy-five legislators and staff attended the annual Turkic cultural reception at the State Capitol, hosted by Niagara Foundation. The event awarded attendees and guests with the chance to dialogue with lawmakers over a buffet of Turkish food and coffee on topics of interfaith, multiculturalism and global acceptance.

When asked what this program had to offer Vice President of Niagara Foundation Mevlut “Hilmi” Cinar stated, “We are coming with representatives of many cultures with hope to introducing them to our legislators”. The reception took place in Secretary of State Jesse White’s office. Representatives from the Turkish-American and Kyrgyzstani-American communities in Illinois conversed with the legislators and staff members of the Joint Task Force on Illinois-Turkish Relations.

Speaker of the House Michael Madigan, a member of the task force and long-time friend of Niagara Foundation addressed the group and expressed his enthusiasm for the organization. He asserted that “[his] experience with Niagara Foundation has been very positive.” He continued saying that “[the foundation] works with all elements of society, trying to bring people together, to develop a better understanding of each other. And, to learn that people generally are good people and everyone can live in peace and harmony”.

Furthermore, House of Democrats representative Jack Frank noted, “I wish more groups would copy what Niagara does. It is so important for people to understand the different cultures. It brings folks together. I think it is because of Niagara’s work you’re seeing benefits, not only culturally, but also in business. We’re working on a bill right now to help a Turkish corporation do some business here right in Illinois. That would never have happened without Niagara’s intervention and leadership.”

The Consul General of Turkey, Fatih Yildiz, and Greek Orthodox Bishop Demetrios also spoke about the importance of the Niagara Foundation and its goals of fostering communication and acceptance across cultures and religions.

“I am a friend of Niagara and of course I am here to partake in the wonderful dialogue. I have been with Niagara for many years now and still I am fazed by the amazing work everyone does”, explained Bishop Demetrios with a smile.

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Muslims need another Ataturk

by Cheney08

If Ataturk could drag the backwards turks out of the 14th century, perhaps another leader can drag the arabs out of the 7th century.
Seeking to limit the influence of Islam on Turkish political and cultural institutions, which he regarded as one of the principal causes impeding Turkish development, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk abolished the 1300-year-old Islamic caliphate on 3 March 1924 and established a western-style separation of church and state ("mosque" and state) in Turkey. While promoting a secular Turkish state, Atatürk maintained the traditional Ottoman tolerance of religious diversity and freedoms, but viewed these freedoms in the western Enlightenment sense of freedom of conscience

Muslims are not integrating in Germany either


Turks in this story are like mexicans in the US
Turkish immigrants in Germany are often criticized for failing to fit into the society of the new home which has led to a high crime rate. Consequently, authorities plan to bring in Turkish police to combat the problem.
There are around two million Turkish citizens living in Germany, with many more having adopted German citizenship.
As well as being the largest ethnic minority, some believe the Turkish are also the worst at fitting into their new culture

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The intention to declare a Turkish Cultural Year in Malaysia and vice versa was expressed.

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