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Authentic Turkish food

In search of authentic Turkish food

After freshening up and getting restaurant recommendations from our host we headed out to try some authentic Turkish kebabs
Yes we did it the old school way!...with paper maps
There is no better way to enjoy the charms of the Old City than to walk through its lanes...the cobbled streets remind you of classic European cities while the traditional Ottoman minarets provide the perfect background
We found the perfect lunch place...the view from the rooftop (pic below) only made the already yum food yummier! (the Lahmacun (Turkish pizza) we had here was the best meal of my entire trip!)
The famous Blue Mosque in the background

I have some!

by oceans

I brought some back with me (havent mastered making it yet, but it isnt bad :) it is a thick, hot milk drink, kinda like a chai latte but with different spices...they sometimes serve it with a little scoop of what is basically ice cream on top :) it is really really good :)
i havent found any here yet, but have been meaning to try the two restraunts i found around, bosphorus in cardiff and ephesus in encinitas. dont know what exactly they have, or how authentic it is, but turkish food in general is really good :)

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Turkish Bağlama Instrument (Song name: Topal Oyun Havası)
Turkish Bağlama Instrument (Song name: Topal Oyun Havası)
ancient turkish musical instrument
ancient turkish musical instrument

Turkish Culture and Festivities  — Free Times
The South Carolina Dialogue Foundation is sponsoring a Turkish Cultural Festival on April 26 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The event aims to showcase authentic Turkish food, games and music.

3 Jars x 1.2oz (35g) Jars of High Quality Türk kirmizibiber (Turkish Crushed Red chilli Pepper flakes) Authentic Spice for cooking, salads or seasoning food. Produce of Turkey Kirmizi Pul Biber Chilli seasoning powder.
Grocery ()


Why is the wolf a special animal in Turkish culture?

I see the wolf's image appear in national pride videos more than other animals.

(Eg. )

Nice World, you may recall that the Swastika was originally an auspicious symbol full of cultural and spiritual meaning, not stigmatized until the Nazis stole it to use for their own political machinery:
the wolf, Asena, was originally a cultural and spiritual symbol for the Turks, reflective of pure power and closeness to nature. As I have seen the wolf in my dreams, with very strange feeling, I can understand that once it was meaningful in a shamanistic sense. However, like in the case of the Nazis overtaking the Swastika, the wolf was overtaken by a Turkish ultra-nationalist…

athira t
Turkish eye..................................................?

Do anybody have any idea abt the turkish eye,,,that is a blue crystal object with a black spot in its centre????what is it supposed 2 mean?

As you have placed this is the languages section, I will tell you for free that the Turkish for "eye" is "göz", and the Turkish for "Turkish eye", "Türk gözü".

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