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Turkish food Kebab

Dinner @ Akasya Turkish Kebab House

IMG_3753I must admit this dingy, little restaurant is not only close to home, but also close to my heart (OoOoOOooo corny). I love local restaurants owned by humble families because you know you’ll be getting honest and authentic food. This restaurant is probably the epitome of a family restaurant, with the parents at the front making the food, grandmother at the back making turkish bread and the little kids hanging around. The plates were quick to come out and the lady who served us was very friendly. Delicious, consistent food for a fraction of the price! The best kebab house in town :)

Akasya Kebab Plate ($10.80 + extra dip $1 = $11.80 ) - lamb and chicken kebab w/ turkish bread, salad & 1 dip. I chose the beetroot (beetroot, yogurt, dill & garlic) dip and added a 2nd ispanak/spinach dip.
Both the lamb and chicken were shaved in long thin pieces, keeping the meat moist and juicy. The turkish bread was cooked for a bit longer than usual but it was still beautiful nevertheless. The bread was fluffy, chewy with a brilliantly crispy crust. Salad was nicely dressed, giving a tangy and refreshing element on my palate. All of the components together with both dips (any of the dips they have!) go hand in hand. I’ve had this meal a couple of times and it’s been consistently good every time.


T’s Verdict:
Quality of the food – 9.5/10
Price (based on food quality) – cheap
Service – 7.5/10
Atmosphere – a bit dingy but so humble
Overall experience – 9/10

Akasya Turkish Kebab House (Turkish)
290 Main Road East, Saint Albans

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Good Turkish food at Troya, semi review

by MoJo_JoJo

I just checked out Troya on the corner of Clement and 5th (?) last night. It was very good, authentic Turkish food. I was pleasantly surprised, having just come back from Istanbul. Lots of really good appetizers and traditional dishes. We had a roasted pepper and tomato spread, and zuchini fritters with yogurt sauce. SO had Iskinder kebab and I had Beiti kebab, both very good.
Too full for dessert.
I liked it much better than the place in West Portal.It had a more relaxed, casual atsmophere and a better selection of appetizers.

Turkish food in Walnut Creek?

by gastro_girl

Who would of ever thought someone would open a Turkish restaurant in Walnut Creek? A friend of mine took me to this place called Ephesus kebab lounge that just opened. Now I can understand why there was a line out the door to get in. It was amazing! They bring this big tray of small dishes to your table as soon as you sit down. We picked up three right off the tray and started grazing. One was a white bean salad. Yum! Then we had a variety of kebabs. Salmon, top sirloin and tiger prawn kebabs. The spices on each were fabulous. I guess they actually import their spices from Turkey. And my favorite part

Ephesus-kebab lounge

by yummi

Had lunch there last week and dinner there this weekend. Food is AWESOME! It's tapas style. Lots of variety in small dishes (salads are very fresh and turkish french fries are a must if you go). Kebabs are very tasty, but not spicy. So far I've had the salmon, filet mignon, and chicken. They do offer a vegetable kebab too.

Has anyone gone to the restaurant Adana Kebab?

by newrestaurant

I wanted to find out if anyone has checked out this place called Adana Kebab. It was actually called Sahara Turkish Restaurant before and they told me that they are changing the restaurant name to Adana Kebab. I live out in Sacramento and wanted to see if anyone has gone there. I went to and I guess they are fairly new.If anyone goes could you please let me know how the food is. Thanks...

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Turkish Culture and Festivities  — Free Times
The South Carolina Dialogue Foundation is sponsoring a Turkish Cultural Festival on April 26 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The event aims to showcase authentic Turkish food, games and music.

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