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History of Turkish economy

Turkish journalist reverberated to destiny of Armenians' property

Turkish journalist reverberated to destiny of Armenians’ property after genocide

YEREVAN,SEPTEMBER 6,ARMENPRESS: Turkish journalist Suleiman Yashar in the article titled “Is it possible to write economic history without reverberating to deportation of Armenians” reverberated to the destiny of Armenians’ property after the genocide.

“Armenpress” reports that Turkish journalist analyzed the books about history of Turkish economy before and after genocide and came to conclusion that there is not almost any reverberation to deportation (genocide) of Armenians in books on Turkish history.

The journalist thinks that those books can not introduce truly Turkish economic history without reverberating to property of Armenians. “In the book of Vedat Erdem is mentioned that after exile number of Armenians in Turkey was decreased by 1.2 million and according to census in 1927 number of Armenians was 77 000. What did happen with properties of those 1.2 million Armenians? Without finding out who owned those properties it is impossible to understand how appeared nowadays “white Turk” rich persons, ” wrote Yashar.

According to him scientists do not dare to write about that illegal acquisition of property because they can not say who those people are and how they became rich so quickly in the beginning of the century.

The journalist writes that “white Turks” were worried by the statement of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan to return properties taken illegally from minorities to their real owners. Suleiman Yashar introduces the worry of “white Turks” in the following manner: “Erdogan returns the property confiscated by the state if he decides to return property confiscated from Armenians in that case our position will be bad”.

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That was me.

by LeftyOduel

I wrote 'no way' Turkey passes on this a week or so back.
While there is elbow room for another vote, it's being reported that it might take two weeks. I don't think we're going to wait.
This was a curious decision by their government.
The Turkish market dropped 11% on the news today. Not only are they facing an outright crash of an already weak economy while they could have added $Billions$ to their coffers, and substantial debt relief -- but they'll now have no influence in the post-Saddam Iraq.
We went to bat for them not only to join NATO in the first place, but pushed for current NATO protection in the event of military action

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Don't you think that we need a movie about our history?

A movie as a good quality like hollywood movies with full modern technology.I prefer watch these then watching so called hero stories like Troy and 300 spartans.I think we have full of these to be proud of.And that will be the best way advertise our country as Turkiye.which historical event will be the best.

An accurate one would be good , but if it comes out of Hollywood then you would have to expect the likes of Vin Diesel or Stallone single handed defeating the Anzac's at Gallipolli whilst ignoring orders from Ataturk.

perhaps the true story about the Ottoman Turks who defended the Dugouts before the ill fated charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean war.

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