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History Turkish Kurdish conflict

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Turkish-Kurdish conflict

This paper tries to analyze the much talked about ‘Turkey-Kurdish’ conflict. According to the Kurds this conflict could also be called as ‘self-respect’ and ‘empowerment’ movement. The movement aims to end the centuries of ‘ill-treatment’ and ‘subjugation’ in the hands of both the Ottoman Turks and the Persian rulers on the one hand and the Turkish Republic and Iranian Republic on the other. In the meantime, the pro-Kurdistan supporters, since the third decade of the 20th century, have taken various methods, tricks and strategies to gain this, but in vein. These strategies ranged from peaceful marches to memoranda to various world governments, to violent Maoist style guerrilla battles with the government forces. The retaliation to such means meant that the various governments of this region adopted extraordinary levels of counter violence, suppressive measures. Notwithstanding what their motto was, these battles claimed thousands of innocent lives and rendered hundreds and thousands others homeless, destitute and orphaned.

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