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Mera Sultan Turkish drama history

Drama Mera Sultan Rephrased As Hamara Sultan in an Analysis (English)

The analyst has used the word ‘Hamara Sultan’ instead of ‘Mera Sultan’. He has questioned the fact of presenting the other side of the story. Instead of portraying the golden period of women, fair judicial system, his successful conquering areas during the Sultan Suleiman reign, the drama portrays the Muslim ruler to be highly engaged in luxurious style, and having relations with women, irrespective of religious differences. Alcohols, dance performances, which are forbidden in Islam, are portrayed as a norm in that society.
Moreover this drama is giving a chance to some people in specific school of thought who will exploit the content of the drama and instead of taking it as a drama they will take it as a reality and will label the era of Ottomans as an era of Debauchery. These people had not even read the opinions of drama creators, who themselves acknowledged that most of the incidents happened in Harrem & with the Sultan are based on unreal stories.
A British channel has presented a report giving views about the drama as an attempt to promote relations between men and women. The highlighted dark side of the regime presents an inappropriate side of the story. Question here remains, is this being done deliberately to cause defamation to the Islamic ruler?
‘Hamara Sultan’ had had not been like what we see. He has had enjoyed a successful rule over the period. If instead of airing such content, stress is given to establishing Khilafat, the divine Islamic ruling system then, we Muslims would not have to look our Islamic history from the eyes of West. Instead, we ourselves would be self-sufficient to support our notion and our views.
The urdu article is written by Syed Hassam & the article content is summarized here by a freelance commentator Syed Waqas.
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Stefan cel Mare

by misterprozac

The most glorious period in the history of Moldova Principality is connected with the reign of Stefan cel Mare (Steven the Great)—a
national hero of Moldova. In the second half of XV century, Stefan cel Mare achieved the greatest victories over the Turkish, Polish,
Hungarian and Tartar armies that successively invaded the territory of Moldova.



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by Paultard

Ince Vlad and Mircea were dead, and Dracula and Radu were still in Turkey, Hunyadi was able to put a member of the Danesti clan, Vladislav II, on the Walachian throne. The Turks didn't like having a Hungarian puppet in charge of Walachia, so in 1448 they freed Dracula and gave him an army. He was seventeen years old.
It seems that Dracula's little brother Radu chose to remain in Turkey. He had grown up there, and apparently remained loyal to the sultan.
Dracula's Reign
With the help of his Turkish army, Dracula seized the Walachian throne

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