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Turkish Baths Harrogate history

Turkish Baths – Harrogate

Relaxation_Room Turkish Baths HarrogateOrget taking tea in Betty’s famous cafe, the real treat, I think, should you be in the genteel north Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate is a visit to to the beautifully restored Victorian Turkish Baths. I thought it would be interesting to take a tour, once inside I really wished I had left time to experience the whole ritual of heating, cooling and cleansing in these fantastical surroundings. Somehow Moorish designs, oriental motifs and touches of Victorian decor meld together brilliantly to create a unique effect.

Thomas Crapper's sanitary porcelain designs - Turkish Baths HarrogateThe baths opened in 1897 as part of the Royal Baths, a bigger international hydrotherapy complex that was the vision of former Mayor of Harrogate, Richard Ellis. Elsewhere in the building, part of which is now a Chinese restaurant, medicinal waters were dispensed, and a whole range of treatments were undertaken on the orders of resident doctors. A little document on the history of the Baths has illustrations of peat and sulphur baths and a slightly alarming photo of a Schnee Electrotherapy bath showing a chap sitting with forearms and feet immersed in wired up tubs of water. Turkish Baths were very popular with ever curious Victorians so open to taking up new ideas and first class baths like Harrogate were frequented by royals.Plunge Pool & Terrazzo Mosaic Floor _ Turkish Baths Harrogate Of the many baths that were built at this time only seven remain in Europe of which Harrogate is the most historically complete.

Our guide, herself an enthusiastic user of the Baths was excellent. We shed coats and jumpers and followed her into warm, humid atmosphere of the changing rooms. Victorian ladies had maids to assist them with their many layers and numerous tiny buttons. Acting the maid our guide ushered her underwear clad lady through the baths, shielding her lady’s modesty with an imaginary towel.Arabesque Painted Ceiling over Plunge Pool & Tepidarium - Turkish Baths Harrogate Standing between velvet curtained wooden cubicles unaltered apart from the addition of a hairdryer for we ladies who now have to tend our own hair, it didn’t take much to picture the scene.

Scrubbed up and restored the baths are dazzling ….

“Ah, that’s why” …. reproductions of Thomas Crapper & Company’s original ornately branded, sanitary ware make for much amused comment. Yorkshire man, Thomas Crapper was known for the quality of his bathroom fittings with several Royal Warrants to his name.

Hot Room Turkish Baths HarrogateBold patterned, glazed brick walls in a warm colours complement the cold waters of the Plunge Pool. The pool was re-tiled and the original handcrafted tiles by Wedgewood around the side of the pool replaced - again with specially hand moulded tiles – during the 2002/4 restoration.

Top right, the changing rooms at floor level where wooden parque floors meet a mosaic walk way fringed with red velvet.

And in the bottom right detail of the Terrazzo mosaic floor in the Frigidarium, laid by Italian craftsmen who worked in secret behind closed doors to guard their design.

Here we are looking up at the painted arabesque ceiling above the Plunge Pool and on the right is the Trepidarium (warm room at around 120°F). There are three hot chambers separated by the velvet curtains you see and a steam room. You can see the continuing theme of Islamic arches, picked out with yellow glazed bricks.

Nabu Press The Turkish bath: its design and construction; with chapters on the adaptation of the bath to the private house, the institution, and the training stable
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Isn't accuracy the quest of historians?

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As historians, shouldn't we strive for the most accurate and educated portrayal of history possible? Or should we just accept something that we know is innacurate for fear of causing ripples in the pond? If you see an account of history being portrayed that you know is incorrect, should you speak up, or remain silent?
Should the Japanese cover up their WW2 attrocities, and not acknowledge the horrors of their past, to protect their citizenry from shame? Should we have just kept the death toll for the World Trade center attacks at 10,000+ (an original early estimate) to make the deed seem even more terrible? Should we not acknowledge past mistakes like internment camps and reservations in America, and just let sleeping dogs lie? Or should historians strive to make sure every fact is as accurate as humanly possible? Is the Chinese model, hiding the horrors of the past and denying…


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Am i to understand that the turks and the huns are the same?
According to Chinese records, Turks appear in political history of Asia with the Huns. The Huns were a coalition of various central Asian nomads, including Turks. The Hun State which first appeared in the 3rd century B.C. became a significant and powerful state during the reign of its founder, Mete Khan. Having a defined and special strategy, Mete Khan defeated the Mongols and then the Yuechis and after, having conquered the western gates and trade routes of China under his control, gained significant economic power

Greek islanders visit Turkey for grocery shopping  — Daily Sabah
.. many people come to Turkey from the Greek Islands including Lesbos. "Greek tourists come to Kemeraltı between 10:00 a.m. and 04:30p.m. Within this time period, they spend [quite a bit].


What can I do in leeds, UK?

Ive been here for a while and all the time at weekends there is just going to the cinema or out shopping. Are there any good places that I can visit? things or courses i can do? places i can go with friends? now that the summer is approaching, I dont want more cinema and shopping trips!lol. thanks a loooott
BTW I dont really like going to pubs and clubs

What about going to places like parks and places like tmple newsem and harewood house. also try neumiller damn, thats really good to go for a walk with your freinds. try these. but i think you can never beat shopping especially in leeds town. i love the victoria quater. aaahhh...harvey nichols, louis vuitton store.

Alyssa the strawberry
Hey Brits, would you please help me out? :).......?

Hi! I have a paper to write for one of my classes, and I really want it to be good. It's a travel paper written in diary/journal format about a made up trip we took to any country or countries in the world. I chose to go to a lot of places all over the U.K, but I haven't been there, (I haven't even been out of the U.S!) so I would really like someone to help me sound like I actually went. If you can answer even a few of these questions it would help me a lot. Thank you! :)

1.) Generally how friendly are the taxi drivers over there?

2.) Walking down the street, what trype of peole do…

Hey Hun im english and live in a small town called shrewsbury (birth place of charles darwin) the taxi drivers are ok and its rare to find one that dosnt chat. apart from english we have quite alot of indian people living in england so you can hear indian being spoken but usually in little corner shops apart from that there is wales, northern island and scotland that make up the uk and the welsh language is widely spoken in wales. if u were to start chatting then chances are we would enter into a conversation, wer quite nosey and would ask you about where your from and all manner of…

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