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Turkish exchange rate history

Turkish Lira Exchange Rate

Rich in history
& Turkish Lira Currency Converter page. The Turkish Lira Exchange Rate represented on this page is updated every minute within the trading hours of 00:00 Monday through 21:00 Friday GMT.

Countries using the ISO 4217 Currency Code TRY: Money Transfer To Turkey,

Whether you are going on holiday and after travel money rates or looking to carry out Turkish Lira exchange, it pays to keep informed. Exchange rates fluctuate constantly and this page allows you to not only check the latest exchange rates Turkish Lira today, but also the Turkish Lira exchange rate history in more detail.

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For the record

by neptune101

Greeks call it greek coffee and when i ask anyone from other countries such as the ones you listed "what the fuck is the real name of this coffee?" they answer TURKISH COFFEE. i dont crae what anybody calls it. its turkish coffee. check out the history of it.
plus i'm not a sensitive person. i'm a barbarian. remember?!!

I want to tell you about my new friends

by neptune101

Well i only have 16 gay guy friends. really no girls yet. during the weekends we go to have coffee at the same place 17 people and spend the saturday and sunday afternoon there. they are all late 30s early 40s. they've either been to Turkey or their biggest dream is to visit asap. They know everything and I mean everything including all the history, beginning from the times in asia, all the names of towns, best places to eat, best clubs, names of mosques, famous streets, writers, singers and of course names of the sultans whom they are in love with.
one of them, everybody calls him ali khan (even though its not his real name and doesnt even have 1 relative turkish) just because he would rather be born turkish and if he was his father he would have named himself ali khan

Greek islanders visit Turkey for grocery shopping  — Daily Sabah
.. many people come to Turkey from the Greek Islands including Lesbos. "Greek tourists come to Kemeraltı between 10:00 a.m. and 04:30p.m. Within this time period, they spend [quite a bit].


the judge
What is the origin of Turkish delight?

Reay Tannahill suggests that the Persian confection ahbisa (jelly) was the ancestor of Turkish rahat lokum, the long name for the sweet. The etymology of the word lokum has puzzled linguists for many years; it seems to be a corruption of the Arabic word rahat-al hulkum, meaning the contentment of throat while in Ottoman Turkish it means a piece of contentment. So, "Turkish Delight" may not be far off.[1]

The history of lokum dates back 230 years, making it one of the oldest candies in the world. Turkish legend has it that in his endeavor to quell the rumblings of discontent within…

Where did Turkish Delight originate from?

I need exact history or facts on turkish delight and where it originated from.

I wouldn't rely too much on answers obtained from wikpedia as they're often unsubstantiated claims sent in by people who have no idea...

And I would assume that Turkish Delight originated in Turkey...

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