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Turkish history podcast

Historiographical Mixtapes

The nineteenth century not only radically transformed daily life in Ottoman society but also introduced new artistic styles. In part one of this podcast, Assoc. Prof. Melda Üner examines the element of music in nineteenth-century Turkish literature along the paradigms of westernization and modernization. Exploring a number of contemporary works, she focuses on Ottoman intellectuals’ attitudes towards westernization and modernization and demonstrates how they took sides between “East” and “West” in two different literary periods: the Tanzimat and Servet-i Fünûn. In the second part of the podcast, Emrah Safah Gürkan presents a mixtape organized by Melda Üner, Murat Özkoyuncu, and Chris Gratien displaying examples of European classical music referenced in Ottoman literature (podcast is in Turkish).

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Who was a better woman?Roxelana(Hurrem) or Mahidevran?*Plz help!?

I'm watching a turkish film.
I guess it's one of their TV series.
I've only watched the first parts.
I researched & :
It's based on a turkish characters love life
"Suleiman the magnificent"

first he had a beautiful wife
"Mahidevran" & then he became in love with a russian maid "Roxelana (Hurrem)" & married her.
These women became rivals
& many other worse things happened.

That's what only what we have seen till now!

But the fact that suleiman married another woman despite having a beautiful wife bothers me,my mom,my grandma, my aunt & some of my close friends who have seen the…

Roxelana is the killer of many great humans. therefor i like MAHEDEVARAN

Help with Ottomans histoy plzz!!..?

Plz help me with this history project.
i need to find informayion on these 3 things below:
1-find out about ONE Ottomans sultan,(a brief biography)
2-find out about one important Ottomans mosque,(it's name,who its was built for, when it was built & is it still standing today)
3-find out about the Ottomans in araibia today,(where they live,population and such)

anywayz thanx a heap!

I've given you a list os sultans you pick one and do the summary.
After all this is home work help not homework do. Just take your time.

AND CALIPHS, 1290-1924 AD
Below on left side of page you will find complete list of all the sultans
first is below
Osmanli Oghullarï
'Osman I 1290-1326
defeats Romans near Nicomedia, Ottoman

Suleiman's Mosque (Suleymaniye Camii)
Suleiman's Mosque (Suleymaniye in Turkish and Arabic) is the second largest but finest and most magnificent of the imperial mosque complexes in the city. It's as magnificent as its…

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