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Turkish Language history

The Spread of Turkish Language and the

79.Pontic Greek and Trabzon Turkish

Dialects are formed by complex historical processes that involve cultural exchange, migration, and organic transformation. Thus, the study of dialects can provide information about the history of a particular language as well as the communities that have historically spoken that given language. In this episode, Bernt Brendemoen discusses the emergence of the Turkish dialect of the Black Sea region, its relationship with early Anatolian and Ottoman Turkish as well as Pontic Greek, and what it can tell us about the evolution of the modern Turkish language.

Bernt Brendemoen is a Professor of Turkology at the University of Oslo in Norway (see faculty page) Chris Gratien is a doctoral candidate at Georgetown University researching the social and environmental history of the Ottoman Empire and the modern Middle East. (see

Citation: "The Spread of Turkish Language and the Black Sea Dialects, " Bernt Brendemoen and Chris Gratien, Ottoman History Podcast, No. 79 (November 16, 2012)

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Brendemoen, Bernt (1998). Some Remarks on the -mIs past in the Eastern Black Sea Coast Dialects. In: Turkic Languages (Wiesbaden) 1/2, 1997, 161-183.. Turkic languages. ISSN 1431-4983. 1(2), s 161- 183

Greek islanders visit Turkey for grocery shopping  — Daily Sabah
.. many people come to Turkey from the Greek Islands including Lesbos. "Greek tourists come to Kemeraltı between 10:00 a.m. and 04:30p.m. Within this time period, they spend [quite a bit].


Turkish History muhteşem yüzyıl?

Salam, I have been watching muhteşem yüzyıl and was wondering that according to history books we read in middle east, the "Sultan" was the ruling religious leader (Grand Mufti) but many things according to muhteşem yüzyıl , the Sultan was doing many things that has nothing to do with Islam. For example having sex with women whose not their wives, slavery, killing his own son etc....

So was he the religious head or just a normal king? And why these actions were considered as "Normal" during that era?

Muhteşem yüzyıl is a very bad series I think it should be banned, it doesn't explain the Turkish history well and people start to believe that people were like that back in history. It is not a good representation.

Who was Suleiman I of Muslim?

Does anybody know who Suleiman I (Suleiman the first) of Muslim was? I need to know for history class. Thanks

Süleyman I, called The Magnificent (1494-1566), sultan of the Ottoman Empire (1520-1566), during whose reign the empire reached its zenith of power and splendor.

Süleyman was born on November 6, 1494, in Trabzon (Trebizond), the son of Selim I. In 1521, at the beginning of his reign, Süleyman captured the Hungarian city of Belgrade (now in Serbia). The following year he repelled the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, a military and religious order, from the island of Rhodes in the Aegean Sea. In 1526 he again invaded Hungary, killing Louis II, king of Hungary, and incapacitating…

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