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Turkish Philosophers history

Turkish Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science

I like reading history

The present book, which contains seventeen newly commissioned articles, aims to give a rich overview of the current state of research by Turkish philosophers and historians of science. Topics covered address issues in methodology, causation, and reduction, and include philosophy of logic and physics, philosophy of psychology and language, and Ottoman science studies. The book also contains un unpublished interview with Maria Reichenbach, Hans Reichenbach's wife, which sheds new light on Reichenbach's academic and personal life in Istanbul and at UCLA.

This volume is primarily intended for researchers in the philosophy and history of science. However, it should also be valuable to other philosophers working in fields such as epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of language, as well as to physicists, cognitive scientists and liguists interested in philosophical issues.

"Philosophy is alive and well in Turkey. This is a wonderful volume, chock-full of first-rate essay by Turkish philosophers and historians of science. Readers will also learn something about the early days of analytical philosophy in Turkey. The interview that Güven Güzeldere conducted with Maria Reichenbach and David Kaplan is a fascinating read. If, however, your department is fighting for more office space, keep the volume out of the hands of your university administrators. Maria Reichenbach reports: `Hans by the way shared an office with Bertrand Russell when he was at UCLA'." Brian McLaughlin, Professor and Chair, Philosophy Department, Rutgers University

Content Level » Research

Keywords » David Hume - Philosophy of Science - epistemology - idea - knowledge - language - mind - philosophy of language - reduction - science - semantics - theory of relativity

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In other news, Turkey bans Chomsky

by mojo

Turkey Targets Chomsky
By Robert Fisk
Noam Chomsky, one of America's greatest philosophers and linguists, has become the target of Turkey's chief of 'terrorism prosecution'.
Scarcely two months after the European Union praised Turkey for passing new laws protecting freedom of expression, the authorities in Ankara are using anti -terrorism legislation to prosecute Mr Chomsky's Turkish publisher.
Fatih Tas of the Aram Publishing House faces a year in prison for daring to print American Interventionism, a collection of Mr Chomsky's recent essays including harsh criticism of Turkey's treatment of its Kurdish minority

Greek islanders visit Turkey for grocery shopping  — Daily Sabah
.. many people come to Turkey from the Greek Islands including Lesbos. "Greek tourists come to Kemeraltı between 10:00 a.m. and 04:30p.m. Within this time period, they spend [quite a bit].

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rajan r
Turkish currency TURK LIRASI 10Million have ever beer banned ?

If it is banned means when it has been done ,now how can it be exchanged

I have no idea what you're talking about but I'm going on a wild goose chase.

I guess you mean when the new Turkish liras (YTL) have been introduced to replace the old turkish liras(TL)? On january 2005.

And I'm guessing you have 10 million TLs with you and you're asking if it's possible to exchange it. 10 millions makes 10ytl on the current currency so if you find a bank that'll agree to exchange you'll have 10ytl which roughly 7 dollars on today's market.

Last year there was a couple of banks still exchanging old liras (If I'm not mistaken Ziraat bankasi was one of them)…

Daniel A
Is the dollar as a millionaire in Turkey ?

1 US Dollar = 1, 439 , 500 Turkish Lira
Is the dollar equivalent of many in Turkey ?

Owing to the chronic inflation experienced in Turkey from the 1970s through to the 1990s, the Turkish lira experienced severe depreciation in value. Turkey has had high inflation rates compared to developed countries but has never suffered hyperinflation. From an average of 9 lira per U.S. dollar in the late 1960s, the currency came to trade at approximately 1.65 million lira per U.S. dollar in late 2001. This represented an average inflation of about 38% per year. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had called this problem a "national shame". In late December 2003, the Turkish…

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