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Turkish Royal history

Ottoman Royal Family Stories Told By Turkish Princess

Yesterday, I was watching a history show, which is one of my favorite shows. Historians gather and talk about the past. They show real documents and always have very interesting guests. It was interesting to see “Princess Hanzade Özbaş” on air. She is the great grand daughter of the latest heir to the Ottoman Empire. Her great grandfather Sultan Vahdettin had been pictured as a traitor in Turkish history books.

She explained how difficult history class had been for her as a child. Her teacher was making her, read out loudly the passage that explains what a traitor, a terrible person Sultan Vahdettin was. Of course being only a little girl, she ran out of class crying;

“My Grandfather is not a traitor!”

It is very well acknowledged by historians now that he was never a traitor, yet I am not sure if they changed the context of school books. Either way, it was ridiculous of her teacher, to torture a little girl like that, knowing who she is. Although she was living with her grandmother “Who in fact, is Ottoman History” little Princess Hanzade kept failing Ottoman History classes throughout high-school. She went to college abroad.

It had been a littler easier for her daughter Neslişah Evliyazade. She says, it feels interesting to realize that her grand parents lived at the Dolmabahçe palace which she only gets to visit like a regular tourist. Although, the family has no influence or title anymore, they represent Turkish royalty and set an example of the traditions of Turkish aristocracy.

Princess Neslişah explained in one interview that the importance of education preceded everything. Ladies of the royal family were very well educated; they spoke minimum three foreign languages. Sultan Vahdettin’s grand daughters supported themselves through working hard, as everything was taken away from them. Unfortunately the princes were unable to do so, as most had been educated by the military, to become great soldiers, which left them unqualified to find immediate jobs while in exile.

Princess Hanzade’s mother met her husband while she was an instructor at Princeton University in America during World War II. Her husband was teaching at Princeton just like her. He was Turkish as well, although not royal, he came from a very wealthy family.

The true story of Vlad the Impaler

by 178665400222

He was a young boy of Royal Heritage. His parents were devout Catholic. As a little boy he was made captive by Turkish Islamics. He was brutalized and required to memorize everything of the Koran. As a teenager, he found out the truth of what the Islamics did to his parents (they were tortured and murdered). He determined (after he went crazy w/grief) that he would drink the blood of every islamic & barbarically impale every one he could capture. It is a horrific bit of human history. Later on Bram Stoker based his dracula stories on vlad the impaler."
How the shish kebab was inven

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I don't know much about Cyprus. Can any one tell me about the history? Who doex it belong to

I'm not an expert in the history of Cyprus.

Wikipedia could be a start:

I don't agree with some of the other answers. Cyprus doesn't belong to the Greeks or Turks. Cyprus belongs to the Cypriots.

Tell me cyprus history?

Cyprus became part of the Byzantine Empire after the partitioning of the Roman Empire in 395, and remained so for almost eight hundred years, interrupted by a brief period of Arab domination and influence.

After the rule of the rebellious Byzantine Emperor Isaac Komnenos, King Richard I of England captured the island in 1191 during the Third Crusade. On May 6, 1191, Richard's fleet arrived in the port of Lemesos and took the city. When Isaac arrived to stop the Crusaders he discovered he was too late and retired to Kolossi Castle. Richard called Isaac to negotiations but Isaac broke…

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