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Turkish trousers history

Making Ottoman Shalvar TrousersTurkish

Once opened the shalvar looks like this:
You can turn over the top, stitch it and make a place inside for the belt (the belt should not be fixed to the shalvar). One thing I noticed in my last visit to the Topkapi Palace, some shalvars have a strip attached at the bottom to go under the foot. I assume this was the Shalvar to prevent from sliding upwards when riding.
Alright this is me wearing my shalvar, compared to the miniatures it looks similar:
Some more museum pieces to give you an idea:

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by RoastedToaster

1. The destruction of the Ottoman Khilafa because of Arab and Turkish nationalism-1924
This fervent Turkish nationalism under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal came into power in Ankara (Turkey's capital today). The Ottoman empire's last Sultan, Mohammed VI, fled in 1922 after the Sultanate had been abolished. Every member of the Ottoman empire was expelled from the country two years later. Turkey was proclaimed a republic, with Ataturk as its first president.
Arab nationalism affected the fall of the Caliphate with the view that Arabs, not Turks should be rulers. This nationalism conveniently exploited by the Lawrence of Arabia, led to a push to wrest control from the Turks of the Ummah's leadership hence expediting the end of Khilafa for the first time in the 1300-year history of Islam

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What are turkish trousers like to wear and what is their history?

There is no such a thing Turkish trousers.... but we've got trousers which village people wear and it's called shalvar. it's really baggy at the bottom and people wear them in the villages when they work on the field... But now it's like a fashion.. even classy women started to wear them. they produce it reall fancy now as well... they are comfortable but i wouldnt wear them coz it looks so baggy and sometimes like you shite yourself and have diapers :))

Can someone tell me about traditional Turkish clothing?

Turkish clothing is an important part of their rich culture. Like the Turkish culture which has become rich being influenced by several empires and their own set of practices, Turkish clothing has also a very rich and variegated tradition of its own. Apart from the natural difference between men and women clothing, there are several other differences in Turkish clothing which depends on several occasions.

Turkish clothing is also reflection of various socio-cultural aspects of Turkish life and history in general. In historical time the Turkish race made a very wide and vast kingdom…

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