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Are Turkish people friendly

North Cyprus People, Turkish Cypriot Hospitality, Culture, Customs

North Cyprus PeopleThe Turkish Cypriot people are renowned for their generous hospitality and are welcoming to an unexpected degree. Following Koranic tenets and their naturally friendly instincts, The Cypriot Turks area is most gracious and generous host. The people are friendly, helpful and will invite the visitor into their home, not just for a cup of tea, or coffee, but will also share whatever food they may have. They have a courtesy rarely found elsewhere and delight in the company of new-found friends.Turkish Cypriots Even the poorest peasant in a remote Karpaz village feels bound to honour his/her guest in the best possible manner. Hospitality of Turkish Cypriots taken to such lengths that a foreign guest often feels s/he is suffering from an overdose of it after being plied with food and drinks for hours, and being unable to refuse anything, in order not to hurt his host’s feelings.

More than anything, Turkish Cypriots are warm hearted, fun loving people with a real sense of family loyalty. Don’t be surprised if the hotel courtesy bus picks up children on their way home from school or a woman returning from shopping, carrying heavy bags. It is the kind of old fashioned courtesy that is now sadly lacking in the developed western world. Polite and helpful, Turkish Cypriots want you to enjoy your stay.

YourCyprusPortal -Historical life goes back to the seventh millennium BC. Throughout these years Cyprus has had foreign people on her soil, passing by or settling, leaving parts of their culture behind. Despite this the Turkish Cypriots have their own identity and will fiercely point out that they are not from the mainland (Turkey). They have a laid back attitude to life which makes for a most relaxing holiday. Visitors do not have to worry about being over-charged.Slovakia Site - Slovakia Portal This goes as far as the waiters who do not stand holding their hands out for a tip. During shopping or enjoying a meal, you are made to feel particularly welcome. It is quite common for a shopkeeper to offer you a coffee or cold drink. Etiquette says that it is not polite to leave before the coffee cup gets cold.

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Some lesbian friendly Middle Eastern resources

by artprocrastination

That is pretty ignorant. It is a bit like saying women + USA = blond slut stewardesses (which is a common Middle Eastern fallacy about American women).
Here are some lesbian friendly resources for Middle Eastern people;
And I gotta include our "brothers" the Turkish bears;

Turkey after bombings

by Jazzflute

Go to Turkey! I was in Turkey in late September, and it is a *great* country to travel in. Not going to Turkey out of security concerns is sort of like avoiding NY or DC after the bombings on 9/11. Turkish people are very friendly to tourists and you shouldn't worry about your security. In my time travelling around Turkey (3 weeks) I didn't meet anyone with any sort of horror stories. The bombings which took place in Turkey recently could happen as easily here as in Turkey, no?

I was there 3 days

by ago_

Yes it is an islamic country, but is actually quite on the liberal side, so there may be a chance that there is some gay nightlife in istanbul. There is absolutely no problem whatsover with being American there- people are smart enough to separate out politics from the indivdual. Locals- turkish and kurdish, were exceedingly friendly and welcoming to me as an american.

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