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Are Turkish people Muslim

my experience with a Turkish Muslim man

Transport of wine in Egypt

I am an American woman who married a Turkish Muslim man and yes it is all about the religion and "his" culture. I converted and I still do not get the respect of his wife that I deserve.

Before I married this man I came across this site and I read all the stories and said to myself "my man is different". Well guess what??? We have been married for less then one yr and we fight constantly about culture and religion. When he doesnt get his way he pouts like a lil boy and punishes me by sleeping on the couch or ignoring me for days. If I do not give in and apologize then we will go on for weeks not talking.

I have accepted Islam 100% and have bent over backwards to accomodate him and his family in everything, with everything. Bottom line is we christian Americans will never understand a muslim upbringing or the way that Turkish men think. It's ingrained in them from the time of birth. They live, eat and breathe Islam and though Islam is a peaceful religion, I find my husband uses it when its convienent for him to control me.

I find that my Turkish man is never wrong and acts as though he is perfect and tells me often that I should be more submissive and our problems would disappear. In his eyes I'd be a great wife if I just agree with whatever he says and do and don't dare ask any questions.

He fooled me with his calm, sensitive, romantic, loving way. He treated me like a queen in the beginning till he had me! Then it was over, I lost all power of myself my money and my children. I have lived a life of emotional manipulation, emotional abuse and I have reached in my pocket and spent my money many times for this man. No matter what I do it's never good enough I am not a good enough wife to him and he will often threaten to marry someone submissive when we divorce.

Suggestion. do yourself a favor ladies stick with American men, though a good old fashioned one may be hard to find it's worth looking for. I was attracted to him b/c of his family values but little did I know that I would take a backseat to the family all the time. I also have 2 children who he vowed to help me raise and anytime we fight he takes it out on them by giving them the silent treatment.

Dictator pushing muslim-esque clampdowns

by BallBustingBitch

Onto the people there.
tayyip recep erdogan is a draconian shitstick and his "justice and development" party (AKP) sucks ass.
they curbed alcohol sales & advertising (trying to bring muslim laws into the general populous,) they try to suppress the truth- turkey's the leading jailer of journalists worldwide (even more than china or iran!) and there are tons of lawyers, activists and military officers all being indefinitely detained now in turkish jails, just for speaking out about things.

Ever time we are close to peace, the Israelis do

by chicagomonkey

Something to f*ck it up. Coincidence?
Why are only people killed Turkish citizens? Turkey is our only Muslim allay helping denuclearize Iran in a peaceful manner. If Turkey is out, Iran will continue the same path that will definitely lead to war, which USA will be dragged into. Israel has no interest in a peaceful solution. They want us do the dirty work for them and die for them once again.

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