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Facts about Turkish people


The-Other-Tour-You-12This article is for those of you out there who want to hear it straight. No beating around the bush! I am telling you the truth about my own country and its people without any sugar-coating or holding back. Guidebooks, other websites, writers, bloggers, I mean almost everyone who gives advice about Turkey just doesn’t seem to be courageous enough to me. So, I have prepared my Top 5 Unspoken Facts about Turkey. I believe visiting this country aware of the insider’s tips that I’ve shared below can only help you be more prepared and insightful with respect to Turkey.

Best bars in Istanbul by The Other Tour (Smyrna)Here is a list of the least-spoken facts about Turkey and Istanbul that you should know before coming here.


Turkey is the only secular muslim country in the world. Secularism is established and protected by the constitution and it is one of the fundamental values of this country.

Even though most of the population consider themselves to be muslims, in general they don’t follow the rules of Islam very strickly. More than half of the Turkish people go out, drink alcohol and socialize with one and another in ways that are usually considered as a ‘sin’ in Islam. The religion is more of a cultural thing in Turkey, especially amongst the young generation. People believe in the religion and they would get angry if their religion was critisized in front of them, but only a VERY SMALL percentage of the population would go and join protests for religion-related issues. Of course, this is not saying the that very small percentage is not there. It is there and it always has been. One might even say that today they are more powerful in the political and social spheres than they’ve been in the last 100 years. That still doesn’t change the fact that most travelers coming to Turkey for the first time are surprised by how Middle Eastern and Islamic this country is NOT.

The Turkish bath puts a smile on your face! The Other Tour- Jodi Phillips
Book (The Turkish People's House circa 1940s, London)

That is all quite recent

by Stepping_Razor

They do consider themselves eastern. They do not consider themselves asian.
Russia has many ethnic identities. "russian" is just ONE of them.
Russia didn't have to look to western europe...
you just cited peter the great in another post, and now you are claiming russia has been facing east the whole time.
Russians and Ottoman Turks are two different groups of people, you know that, right?
You seem to be citing the ethnicities of Russia's invaders, and confusing them with the ethnicity of the Russian people, which is slavic
not turkish
not mongolian.

Yes, but...

by krautfrog

I can speak for Europe. Governments don't label people ethnically but by nationality but socially, ethnicity still plays a role.
Example: let's say, you are of Turkish origin but were born in (and live in) Germany. You would be Turkish by nationality because Germany, like many other Euro countries, has the "ius sanguinis" rule, meaning your nationality/ethnicity is determined by "blood"/ancestry, not "ius solis" like in America where you are a US citizen courtesy of the fact that you were born there.) So by passport, you're Turkish but society would refer to you as a German-Turk

Bad example

by baldy

Diseases do not target racial groups by our definition. genetic diseases often target sub-groups or an ethnicity that share common genetics. The black/white/asian categories are much too broad to be of great use.
It is useful knowing, for instance, that sickle cell attacks many africans and their descendants. About one in every 400 African-Americans has sickle cell disease. Many people, physicians included, assume that this is therefor a black disease however, it also affects people of Arabian, Greek, Maltese, Italian, Sardinian, Turkish and Indian ancestry.

Greek islanders visit Turkey for grocery shopping  — Daily Sabah
.. many people come to Turkey from the Greek Islands including Lesbos. "Greek tourists come to Kemeraltı between 10:00 a.m. and 04:30p.m. Within this time period, they spend [quite a bit].

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