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People of Turkish descent

Beyond Stereotypes How Artists of Turkish Descent Deal with Identity in Germany

People of Turkish descent

Picture a Venn diagram. There are two circles. One is labeled "Society comprised of German people from a Turkish migrant background, " and the other is labeled "German mainstream society." Note that there is overlap where the two circles meet, but two distinct circles remain. Within the two circles are many smaller circles that overlap in a variety of ways. They ask questions such as, "If we are to accept a German-Turkish identity, then what does it mean to be Turkish?", and “Am I truly German if I am denied the full rights of other citizens in this country?” This diagram is intended to portray the parallel societies that have developed within Germany in response to the country's decades-long oblivion about and mishandling of their migrant population.

Immigration from Turkey to Germany began in the early 1960’s in response to the need for workers in Germany. A treaty between Germany and Turkey was established that allowed these immigrants to come to Germany as guest-workers, granting them only limited civil rights. Over the next 40 years, increasing numbers of Turkish immigrants settled in Germany, without gaining real political recognition as a part of the German society. Even today, the social and economic problems of Turkish immigrants are considered to be the problems of “the Turks, the migrants, ” but are rarely addressed as social problems within the German society or as a "German problem."

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Adverse Effects of '86 Law

by Republican

Okay, for the sake of speed... to address the questions raised by eugene and ghostboy. I'll try to post some of my own thoughts on this later.
Adverse effects according to Harvard Professor Paul Borjas (of Mexican descent) on the News Hour this evening:
GWEN IFILL: Professor Borjas, do you agree with the notion that the 1986 blanket amnesty worked?
GEORGE BORJAS: It worked in the sense that it provided amnesty to the illegal population living here at the time. It did not work obviously in terms of its key objective, which was to stem the flow of illegal immigrants at that point

Belgium has Republicans, too.

by raoulduck

A Belgian teenager accused of killing two people in a race attack in Antwerp has far-right family links, police say.
Hans van Themsche shot a pregnant black nanny from Mali and a two-year-old white girl in her care, before himself being shot and injured by police.
Mr Van Themsche, 18, also shot and injured a woman of Turkish descent.
"He obviously was in search of people of foreign origin to shoot them down. That's what he declared himself," a public prosecution spokeswoman said.

The Religion of Peace

by Lexxus_Jones

LOve how they use the term "Nationalist" as a euphemism for "Islam"
ISTANBUL: Three people were found with their throats slit in a publishing house in eastern Turkey that had printed Bibles and other Christian literature, the authorities said Wednesday. One of the victims was a German citizen.
The authorities detained five men for questioning, three 19-year-olds and two 20-year-olds, but did not publicly identify them.
However, the publishing house in Malatya, a town with a nationalist reputation, has had trouble in the past over a shipment of printed Bibles, and it seemed likely that the attackers had a nationalist agenda

This is a complex thing

by elGringoSubvertico

While the dutch are tolerant and liberal, at the same time they are very protective of 'dutchness'. racial profiling is legal: the police actively target people of turkish and moroccan descent.
to me this developing affair is one part pushing for basic human rights and cultural openness and one part xenophobic cultural intolerance.

Forgotten Ottoman legacy: Armenian intellectuals  — Today's Zaman
Her novel “Geğdz Hancarner” (Phony Geniuses), in which she sarcastically criticizes Armenian intellectuals, was never completed because of pressure from male intellectuals. She was a socialist and an anti-militarist.

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