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Turkish people in Germany

Gulen Schools World Wide- Turkish Olympiad Invitation Germany

The Turkish prime minister has suggested setting up Turkish secondary schools in Germany. Dr. Ulrich Raiser from the think tank Network Migration in Europe discusses why more bilingual schools may be the way forward.

Turkish Students in German

Currently there are 2.7 million people of Turkish origin in Germany

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently reiterated calls for Turkish-speaking high schools in Germany to address the needs of the almost three million people of Turkish origin who live in Germany. Deutsche Welle discussed the idea with Dr. Ulrich Raiser, a founding member of Network Migration in Europe, a think tank financed in part by the European Union.

Deutsche Welle: Why do you think the Turkish leader wants to see Turkish-speaking schools in Germany?
Ulrich Raiser: I suppose he's worried about the cultural, the language heritage of his Turkish fellow citizens living in Germany.
But isn't it the case that many Turks living in Germany have a very weak command of the German language? Apparently a third of young Turks don't finish school in Germany in part because of the poor nature of their language skills. Wouldn't going to a German school help them?
I think it should be clear from the outset that German is key to integration in Germany, and I don't think Erdogan would object to that. Anyone who wants to be successful in German society needs to be able to speak German - and in that regard you're right, this is an essential problem for many Turkish people living in Germany. Sometimes parents have a poor command of German or know hardly any German at all. Children then have difficulties learning German within their families, so the first time they really learn German is in kindergarten or school. By that time it is really difficult to learn the language properly.
This can only be solved by children going to kindergarten and learning German at an early age. If you look at the successful examples of Turkish immigrants in Germany nearly all of them have attended kindergarten at an early age and then gone to school with a fairly good command of German.
As you know, there are British, American and French schools throughout Germany, and there doesn't seem to be resistance to those types of schools. Why do you think the topic of schools in the Turkish language is treated differently?
I think the attitude towards Turkish immigrants in Germany - and maybe the whole of Western Europe - is more critical, probably much more resentful than towards French or American people. Nearly all Turkish people in Germany are very well aware that without success in the education system, without success in the labor market, they will not achieve and they will not be upwardly mobile.
What many families want is respect for their language, recognition that Turkish is the language spoken within families. What they would like to see is more Turkish taught in German schools, perhaps bilingual schools - these are very attractive to Turkish families. Currently there is only one bilingual school in Berlin, and I think there should be more.
I think it is a matter of cultural recognition; it's not about Turkish people wanting to live within their own little enclaves and solely speak Turkish. They are intelligent enough of course to recognize that if you want to succeed in a society you need to speak the majority language.
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Very few people are 100% anything

by Werewolf32

So they pick the group that seems to be the most applicable. What difference does it make if you're from Germany but also part French, part Swiss, and maybe had a Turkish great-grandmother? Almost everybody is in this situation. I could call myself American, Scottish, English or a New Zealander, and that's just going back a few generations.
You join whichever group (or groups) you identify most heavily with.
I don't get it - you're saying a German-American, Italian-American group etc would be no use because there would be so few members? But I just gave you links to several such groups, so they obviously exist and some of them have thousands of members

I hope - I just have a bad feeling about Egypt

by -

I'm not wishing evil for them.
Although the Coptic Christian issue there isn't being resolved by this and these people are more protesting for their own sakes rather than for the sake of some other group.
India has specific 'protected minority' status for religious groups and Europe generally does well (Roma in Italy excepted ... Polish migrant workers and Turkish migrants in Germany excepted ... actually a lot of exceptions as I think about it) - it's just not good in Egypt and since I'm over 21 I remember enough of these things happening in the past to pretend that this sort of thing has never happened before.

German Businessman with a couple of question

by Pille66

Hello all
i am new in this forum. i read already about employees, tax, immigrants. i read that UK guys are not really welcome in turkey (so i understood)
i just wondering how do see turkish people german guys - they are welcome ?
i also read that it is not possible (exept the uk guys have a turkish business partner) to start a own business ? is that true ?
how works that for german guys ?
i will tell you my story and i would aprechiate to get tips
i used to life in germany but left germany 2 years ago. now it is time to move forward after 2 years in dublin

Sandy. Darlin'.

by grannie52

If there's a mania going around, you've got it. We love you anyway. Not erotically. Definitly not that.
If it helps, I have a spinster sister-in-law in Germany who has the same affliction as you. She's nearly 80 now, but still never goes out alone because she thinks all the men, especially the Turkish men, will proposition her.
She has always been that way. She used to tell people she wished she could wear a burka, so men wouldn't stare at her in the street.
Even at her best, she looked "average" -- definitely not sexy, and absolutely not welcoming. Average.
She did always date younger men, college students, entirely platonically, until she aged out of the possibility, then she started dating starving alcoholic college professors who lived with their mothers

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What are turkish trousers like to wear and what is their history?

There is no such a thing Turkish trousers.... but we've got trousers which village people wear and it's called shalvar. it's really baggy at the bottom and people wear them in the villages when they work on the field... But now it's like a fashion.. even classy women started to wear them. they produce it reall fancy now as well... they are comfortable but i wouldnt wear them coz it looks so baggy and sometimes like you shite yourself and have diapers :))

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