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Turkish Towels

A couple of my towels hanging up in the bathroom.

Many years ago whilst on holiday I admired a couple who wore beautiful sarongs around the pool, they also used them as towels and they were perfect palest blues and grey stripes. When I returned home I was determined to track them down. Unsure what they were called and not seeing anything similar in UK shops I was stumped. Then one day out on a visit to a small town in north Devon I came across a shop selling beautiful bathwares and there on the shelves were my towels. I immediately asked the shop assistant about them, who told me they were called Peshtemal .

Traditionally used in Turkish baths the Peshtemel is a thin towel made from 100% cotton but with high absorbency. They are really lightweight and are therefore perfect to pack to take on holiday. Even though they are really thin, they are incredibly absorbent and get softer and better with every wash.

I also wear them around the pool or to and from the beach. Some of the larger, thicker sizes also work perfectly as a wrap or a throw on the sofa for chilly, snuggle nights. You could even use them as table cloths or as picnic blankets. They come in an array of colours (usually striped) and also plain white which I love in my home. People always comment on them when they see them hanging up, a really stylish alternative to the traditional fluffy towels we are used to in this country.

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He's actually Turkish, but white people love to

by flipflop-on-their-defini

Tions of what is exactly White.
Those bearded Taliban guys who we're suppose to hate and destroy could pass for a Pizzeria employee in Rome, yet they're not considered European by any stretch, and if you were to transport the historical Saint Nicholas from Turkey today dressed in his native garb most White people would mistake him for a "rag head"

The love of water is very common in Turkish Vans

by ikesmom

You probably know this, but they used to swim out to meet ships coming into the harbor in Turkey.
One of my cats came from the shelter, but I think he is all/part Turkish Van. He has the very distinct markings (white with orange patches which are striped patches). He LOVES water. He takes a shower with me almost every morning.
To answer one of your other cat is very soft. People always comment on how he feels like a rabbit. I call him Downy Soft. He doesn't shed much though.

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What are turkish trousers like to wear and what is their history?

There is no such a thing Turkish trousers.... but we've got trousers which village people wear and it's called shalvar. it's really baggy at the bottom and people wear them in the villages when they work on the field... But now it's like a fashion.. even classy women started to wear them. they produce it reall fancy now as well... they are comfortable but i wouldnt wear them coz it looks so baggy and sometimes like you shite yourself and have diapers :))

Can someone tell me about traditional Turkish clothing?

Turkish clothing is an important part of their rich culture. Like the Turkish culture which has become rich being influenced by several empires and their own set of practices, Turkish clothing has also a very rich and variegated tradition of its own. Apart from the natural difference between men and women clothing, there are several other differences in Turkish clothing which depends on several occasions.

Turkish clothing is also reflection of various socio-cultural aspects of Turkish life and history in general. In historical time the Turkish race made a very wide and vast kingdom…

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