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Why do Turkish people?

7 Reasons Why You Should Support Erdogan and Not the Protesters

Point 2 - because the bias shown by the Western mediaTo all those who were sympathetic to the protests in Turkey, it can sometimes feel like you're living in a different world from your opponents. After all, the media portrays you as artistic freedom loving environmentalist freedom fighters. They tell you time and time again that this is the Turkish spring and that you are the voice of the new young and free Turks leading your country back from the abyss of an autocratic and out of touch dictator. So why don't the others see this? How could they possibly support Erdogan? Well, here are a few reasons (in no particular order) that I hope might help you understand why the majority of the Muslim world support Erdogan and not your protests.

1. Because the support of Islamophobes troubles us

To even the most jaded Muslim, it is disconcerting to see the whole-hearted support that the protesters have received from the who's who of the neo-conservative and Islamophobic worlds. Most of these people have never once expressed an interest in Turkey except to decry any attempts for the nation to get more in touch with Islam.Point 5 Because some things cannot be measured The fact that Robert Spencer (compared Muslims to Nazis), Pamella Geller (says Mecca and Madīnah can be bombed), the Greek government (won't allow the building of mosques) and Israel (no introduction needed) think that the protests are a good idea should make you reflect on exactly what they hope the protests will achieve.

2. Because the bias shown by the Western media is suspicious

The protesters were understandably upset when their actions didn't make it on to all the Turkish TV stations. In fact, one of the abiding themes of the protest has been centered around the farce of one station showing a documentary on penguins instead of the protests. However, exactly the opposite situation took hold outside of Turkey with most Western media outlets giving non-stop rolling coverage of the protests and hastily dubbing it the “Turkish spring.” The bias was so stark that there was hardly any attempt at finding the opinion of the pro-Erdogan public.Point 6 Because hundreds of millions admire him Add to this the complete lack of coverage of similar protests in Bangladesh (this time the protesters were Islamic orientated and thousands were actually killed during a media blackout) and you get more than a whiff of hypocrisy at play.

3. Because of the breath-taking hypocrisy of others

The European Union and others have quickly stood up to berate Turkey and Erdogan for the way they have handled the protests. It is true that the death of protesters (and a policeman) is unjustifiable and tragic. But Europe and America have had their fair share of protests in the past few years and they have dealt with them in a remarkably similar manner. Whether it is the anti-austerity riots in Athens, the Occupy protest on Wall Street or the student riots in London, the playbook has been exactly the same. So why have Turkey and Erdogan being singled out for criticism? Can it be that there is another agenda at play here? Many of us fear this is the case.

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Why does it seem

by d-boy

That the closer we get to war the higher the # of people saddam has killed gets.
or is it the other way around?
i would love to read something LEGITIMATE on the actual number of people he has killed.
as far as i know right now he killed the most pre-gulf war and they were kurds and we looked the other way...much like bush I abandoned the kurds to turkish and iraqi massacre after the gulf war.
any legit info on this ever growing number of killed?
can i get 3 million? 4?
when do we invade china...they've killed 50 times that many atleast.

Ok, Why do most people use the word love as if

by Brandubh

It has some universal context.
It is different in Judaism, Christianity, Sufi, Hinduism, Buddhism, Turkish....
The Greeks (to whom we owe most of our concepts) had at least 5 different types of love, philia, eros, agape, storge, and xenia.
The Romans had, Amāre, Diligere, Observare, Caritas.
I have seen this so many times, the who "God is Love" is a Christian and Sufi concept. But I wonder is anyone really knows what that means. Or if they are just repeating what they have heard. What love? What is love? To me it is just a word to describe and emotion or an action

If you are Turkish, you understand Germans

by dontlikeTurks-

While they can be well educated, it is simply that most of the people immigrating into Germany, the ones who do not speak German, are Turkish ... and especially since Turkey is not an EU member, they often work illegally, which Germans do not like.
Does it have to be German? Why not Sweden or elsewhere?
And since today is voting for the Turkish cypriots, obviously Greeks in addition to Germans are a people to avoid.

YOU don't give anyone the right to immigrate.

by Loku_x

The State Department does.
Your input into that question is limited to your powers as a voter or a political organizer who can influence other votes.
In the case of Palestine prior to 1917, the State Department was the Turkish Government,
Which approved the immigration of the Jews who came to work on zionist collective farms.
Cree, you are not stupid.
Why don't you just face the fact that this situation is a whole lot more ambiguous than you'd like to make it.
Also, the primary and original injustice against the Palestinian people was that their self-appointed, aristocratic leaders gave them NO CHOICE in anything!
The aristocrats sold their land out from under them

President Gauck's inconsistent stance sparks controversy  — Daily Sabah
Prior to his speech at ODTÜ, Gauck criticized the Twitter and YouTube ban in Turkey and in Gül's response he referred to the killing of Turkish people in Germany by neo-Nazis. "Racism and Islamophobia are widespread in Europe," said Gül, who stated ..

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What are turkish trousers like to wear and what is their history?

There is no such a thing Turkish trousers.... but we've got trousers which village people wear and it's called shalvar. it's really baggy at the bottom and people wear them in the villages when they work on the field... But now it's like a fashion.. even classy women started to wear them. they produce it reall fancy now as well... they are comfortable but i wouldnt wear them coz it looks so baggy and sometimes like you shite yourself and have diapers :))

Can someone tell me about traditional Turkish clothing?

Turkish clothing is an important part of their rich culture. Like the Turkish culture which has become rich being influenced by several empires and their own set of practices, Turkish clothing has also a very rich and variegated tradition of its own. Apart from the natural difference between men and women clothing, there are several other differences in Turkish clothing which depends on several occasions.

Turkish clothing is also reflection of various socio-cultural aspects of Turkish life and history in general. In historical time the Turkish race made a very wide and vast kingdom…

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